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  1. 1. pass it to a trusted player / guildmate 2. Kill something worth million trade it by the email system 3. kill something worth a lot , buy something that as a high resalle value at the bazaar and use the net-7.org account tab ... account vault ... toon name original to toon name destination ... transfer item and press transfer tab at bottom
  2. Welcome back ... if you need some starting credit and starting gears just contact any Mouli something in game in new player chat channel.
  3. Thanks to dev Valentine Vendor Event of 2020 I Builder INC logistical division as created for server player a new series of vault for Heart Shield line lvel 5 to 9 Made a Vault for ALL the players on the server for Valentine shield Those shields are ONLY availaible during Valentine day Event during February so many of you may not have heard of them or seen them. Below is the buffs of most of them with varying percentage by level ( Below is at level 5 ) Equipment Engineering (Equip) Reduces equipment install time by 45% when equipped. Increase Speed (Equip) Increases ship top speed by 100 when equipped. Deflect Energy (Equip) +27 Energy Deflect when equipped. Warp Charge (Equip) Decreases warp engage/cooldown times by 32% when equipped. * 1) Please don't be a scrooge take one as you use and once leveled above it try and remember to put it back *2) Please DONT use the password to steal the account and get control of it LOGIN = builderincvalentine Password = valentinegift33 ( all lower case ) for level 1 to 5 see
  4. Economics in play by the numbers for full Cargo and Full Vault for the valentine device from level 1 to 9 this is a comparison of the 13 credit Hearth shield which is perfect VS the Plush Toy Line non sensical non feasable economics Keep in Mind that I am thinking from a *Guild leader * Server Recuiter *Marketing of the game to invinte new player *Player made/Player Guild Scavenger Hunt event. *Server wide Scavenger hunt eventing WITH NO SUPPORT FROM THE DEV OR GM and no Billionaire ingame credit backup *Snugs 'N Hugs Plush Smiley Level 1 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Plush+Smiley 5,058 credits X 124 = 627 192 credits ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Plush Happy Level 2 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Plush+Happy 5,144 credits X 124 = 637 856 ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Plush Jolly Level 3 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Plush+Jolly 25,193 credits X 124 = 3 124 552 ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Extra-Plush Dazzles Level 4 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Extra-Plush+Dazzles 28, 804 credits X 124 = 3 571 696 ----- *Snugs 'n Hugs Extra-Plush Sunny Level 5 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'n+Hugs+Extra-Plush+Sunny 84 825 credits X 124= 10 518 300 ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Extra-Plush Bright Level 6 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Extra-Plush+Bright - 199 524 credits X 124 = 24 790 976 ---- *Snugs 'N Hugs Deluxe Plush Chipper Level 7 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Deluxe+Plush+Chipper 516 925 credits X 124 = 64 098 700 ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Deluxe Plush Sparkles Level 8 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Deluxe+Plush+Sparkles 1 297 734 credits X 124 = 160 919 016 ----- *Snugs 'N Hugs Deluxe Plush Twinkles Level 9 Device : https://www.net-7.org/#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Deluxe+Plush+Twinkles 2 519 681 credits X 124 = 312 440 444
  5. Hi , thanks to Kenu and the dev for the Valentine vendor only in net-7 ... I want to discuss the bad Economic on the plush toy device ( in my own Biased and self interested point of view ) The Plush toy are after all a valentine gift that come with valentine events Unlike the Heart Shield who all are 13 credits per shield and with 50k I can put them on 9 vault ful to the rim. The plush toy are WAY too expansive to buy in bulk Can you please reconsider the Pricing on them to say 25 credits each ? Before the valentine event ends ? Thanks.
  6. When you start shooting with the Jenquai explorer it drops all cloak , hence your lower cl character is visible to the multitude of enemy around , what you need to do is have a warrior with your je who does the shooting will the JE keep the goup cloaked.
  7. Level 1 to 9 Plush toy's device example : https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Snugs+'N+Hugs+Deluxe+Plush+Twinkles Group Hug (Activated) Increase hull damage control by 9% for 2160 seconds when activated. Energy: 2500Range: 1300
  8. Valentine 2020 **vendor only** Event is on thanks to Kenu and the DEvs the Valentine 2020 Vendor Only event is on go to Net-7 Satrun Bazaar / vendor( not f-7 Glenn ) and pick up you heart shield all level 13 credits or your equipable plush toy , price vary per level ...
  9. Donate what you can when you can ... 60$ per year (5$ per month ) is feasible even for you. there is 34 646 members .. if everyone gave 1$ the server would be set for 4 years. Some people give more some give less
  10. Created a Discord Channel for the game , you can join here : https://discord.gg/Rfeb9F Text Channel Created so far are : #General #Earth and Beyond welcome to the game #Installing-earth-and-beyond #Builder-inc-guild ( To show Guild channel can be created #Trade-request #Credit-please #economy-of-billionaire #game-news #Server-news-up-down-help #wtb-gears-from-the-game-credit #wtb-gears-account-toon-real-currency #marketing-for-earth-and-beyond #3d-models-buys-how-to's #Jenquai-race #terran-race #Progen-race #website link for wiki and waltrough #Real life eart and beyond clothes #real life computer manufacturer offers deals #real life computer sale to helping join the game # earth and beyond staff room
  11. Created a Discord channel for those itnerested as nothing in it so far https://discord.gg/pH4uW2
  12. @Woodstock DGMdon't you get these ? : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Beef-Choice-Angus-Cowboy-Ribeye-Steak-Bone-In-0-63-1-72-lb/893988448 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Beef-Choice-Angus-T-Bone-Steak-Bone-In-0-53-2-23-lb/44180347 Are these any good ? : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Boneless-Beef-New-York-Strip-Steak-30-oz/51259035 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stampede-Boneless-Beef-Ribeye-Steak-1-875-lbs/51259034 You don't get the omaha steaks in stores it's just like your computer , availaible online only and shipped to customers you never see them in stores kinda thing ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Omaha-Steaks-Top-Sirloin-Dinner-Christmas-Gift-Holiday-Father-s-Day-Food-Gift-Package-Gourmet-Deluxe-Steak-Gift/306291637 Texas size steaks Woody style ? https://thetexassteakwarehouse.com See your texas style on Cattlemen Menu's ? https://www.cattlemens.com/menu/ --------- Say your Your stuck in your walmart for purchasing the perfect Steak meal What would be the best cut to buy there ? how much would it be ? What would it look like ? then do you get sides ? like fressness garanteed ready made salads ? https://www.walmart.com/browse/produce/packaged-salads/976759_1071964_976793_8903029?cat_id=976759_1071964_976793_8903029&facet=brand%3AFreshness+Guaranteed and some twice baked potatoes https://www.walmart.com/ip/HomeStyle-Harvest-The-Works-Twice-Baked-Potato-4-individually-wrapped-6-oz-potatoes/197063203 or something else much beter ? Some garlic bread perhaps ? : https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Bakery-At-Walmart-Garlic-Bread-Loaf-10oz/110414677 some specific steak sauce you know is the best and a hiiden gem there ? https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=steak sauce&cat_id=976759&typeahead=steak sa Some whisky perhaps ? https://www.walmart.com/search/?page=1&query=whiskey&sort=best_seller or you prefer beer ? or wine ? Tiramisu cake for desert ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Marketside-Tiramisu-Cake-24-2-oz/851381080 --------- from Walmart Canada I would get https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/your-fresh-market-aaa-angus-beef-rib-grilling-steak/6000192229805 for a big steak for steak sauce probably https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/bulls-eye-honey-garlic-bonanza-bbq-sauce/6000035329712 Because I have a Garlic and honey preference these days for sides ready made : Cole Slaw https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/resers-fine-foods-crunchy-cole-slaw/6000197315854 Macaroni salad https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/resers-fine-foods-macaroni-salad/6000196922027 potato salad https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/resers-fine-foods-potato-salad/6000196176431 Montecarlo Potato I know they have but not on walmart website. https://www.iga.net/en/product/monte-carlo-potato/00000_000000068834334456 Kalamata olive bread https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/your-fresh-market-kalamata-olive-bread/6000199437856 for drinks we have the SAQ here for Alcool beverage distribution probably Coq D'or https://www.saq.com/en/24208 or / and : Calvados https://www.saq.com/en/38414 or / and : Port wine https://www.saq.com/en/625871 for desert Black Forest Cake for me alone : https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/the-french-oven-two-layer-chocolate-black-forest-cake/6000191286521 or Mille feuille pastry https://www.iga.net/en/product/millefeuille/00000_000000006670101032 Beer Jam is home made ...
  13. Show us the Big steak you wish you could buy yourself Woody !!!
  14. Just leave me the key to NEt-7 Command center and I can do it 😉 Joking aside ( I want to see that place before I die do ! 😉 ) How about You define and refine what you mean by Scavenger hunt If it's giving Hearth shield for finding someone hidding I got the vault with the Heart to do it ... hopefully the player did not raid the low level vault entirely ... I can offer 1 Player made by Prepp Blynding Stryke that no longer drop if that helps too https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Blindingstrike https://www.net-7.org/?#item/BL3ND3NGSTR3K2 and if the scavenger hunt is to bring me the component for say fiery paragon ...we can make a lottery between the pat givers based one the parrts brought in and efine define and make a time to do it and unless the dev actvate something The Player ommunity can make something up for the week ...
  15. His this the END of hte EMULATOR ? I was an Earth and Beyond LIve player ... I LOved the Game , played almost everyday When the shutdown day came , I was online wishing it was not so , saying goodbye to friend I had made and played with for years ... and then it shut down. I survived , because I am not a life in the game , but life was less fun. Then one day I found this Emulator ... I downloaded the game thinking it was just another attempt that was going no where like so many that had promised a return before. Just like in live I created a Jenquai Explorer .. thinking it was a small game day with no real content and probably no warp as i had seen before The game loads I am on the dock , I have been here before with other attemp I prepared for failure ... I UNDOCK and I am in Earth And Beyond space , this feel weird , this feel responsive. I open the map and point at the farthest Navigation point ... and the I hit the center button to make it go to WARP... And then ... I was Back ithe game I loved , with missions , mining , exploring and lots and lots of dying remeber I said I created a Jenquai explorer and has al new player know the first toon is the hardest ... This was du to the Emulator volunteer hard work. Thye had succeeded where many had failed before THE DEV and EMU Staff had done there jobs , all volunteer work. --------- The Player promise is SIMPLE. We play the Game , Have fun and speak of the game and invite people to play the game ! We also cover the MINIMUM fee that the Staff ask of us There is 34 646 Members !! This means that if everyone one of us give 1$ we cover the Game for 4 more Years Things are currently such that we DID NOT cover the last 6 month of 2019 and have not started quarter 1 of 2020 We are still n 2019 as Player promise and Payment is concerned. WE FAILED !! We CANNOT in good conscience ask the Dev and Developer and GM to do more or really Anything. UNTIL WE THE PLAYER fulfill the Player promise !! Unless we want another End of day and game shiutdown , this time forever ...
  16. URGENT ( when you have the time ) Multiple player / OLD player too Like YEti and woodstock are reporting INV - 300 some technical player inestigated the problem and are reporting that the Game authentification certificate as passed and lapsed can soemone please fix his or look into it Thanks
  17. Starting a thread of the best Vlaentine Gift for Men and Women ( doubt there is many left on the Emu o ) Best Valentine Gift for men in my opinion is Steak and BEER JAM !! ( Yes you naughty mind it's not what you think ) What would be your best valentine gift ? Do you have idea for wife / girlfiriend faction that his not simply flower and chocolate. my idea for this year hi Sushi date with Spa massage and new pair of shoes ... What da ya think ? .
  18. WARNING Of CoURSE I AM NOT JEFF BEZOS !! I's a 2020 excerise to BRAINSTORM what this EMU need from everyone involved without Kyp consent of permission too ... Hi my real name is Jeff , the Jeff Bezos I started Playing E&B emu what Staff and equipment does it need ? AMTBA ! AMTBA = Ask me to buy anything The First thing would be to Equip The DGM and GM staff with there own SMART Refregirator and SMART COOLEr with all the food they need to provide 24 / 7 , 365 days per year GM services to the players. The Second would be to used Old Amazon server and old fiber netork to juice and crank up the E&B EMu server The third EA is rearing it's Ugly head becuas eit see money ... WE BUY the bugger and ban there product from AMAZOn until they capitulate to my buying offer. The fourth would be To fire KYP and send him on his own island with 1 Billion dollars in bitcoin The Fifth would be to pay each Dec and CDEV and Server dev 100 k each plus all covers medical dental eyes and mental expense covered. Had unlimited Strudel of his choice or other pastrry for Mr Zackman 6. ( cause I am tired of writing numbers in word and I am Jeff , The Jeff Bezos i Can do whatever the heck I want , darnit !! I start hirin Designer to make new ships new stations and new race and new mobs in a Graphic Competition with 10 000 watd msot the most content winner and maybe a few 100k job decide by the community 7 Said designer wil now make 3d Spaceship of all Race and class and t-shit and hat and other stuff. 8 I contact my good friend Dell , THE MIchael Dell and have him offer Low budget dell E& B machine mid level machine High level Alianware and have E&B loaded as default game on all his computer shipping in 2020 9 . I satrt buying ads in paper , online , redit , facethebook and Intagram telling of E7B return !!! 10 . I rent Montreal Casino in Quebec , because it'S a cheap and new Casino nd vegas is so overated and USD richly based to go to and create the first Earth and BEyond COn I make it close to free as possible depending on people attending ( so abut 500% all included ... 11. I buy an Island in the North and Make it the Island of Earth and Beyond and spend 50 million making as resort to go see jenquai there ... 12 I have to go to sleep now so I contact casper and have them make Special Earth and beyond , Beds with cover sheet with E&B color and ship and class ...
  19. Bug tacker is completly dark for me has been for a while ...
  20. You may end up with multiple Fragment of a Datacubes in your hold. See the /restoreinv command. Return to Daiki-ya for more information. Relay Daiki-ya's translation to Master Jhola on Yasuragi, Swooping Eagle Planet, Sirius System. Jhola suggests you meditate at the statue of Shigehiro Yasuragi. Find the meditation focus, get very close, and meditate for a while on the meaning of the translation. After a time, Piece of a Broken Datacube will appear in your hold. Return to Daiki-ya for any information.
  21. Yes on the Emu it appear refining statistic is broken and builder of them is not being recorded. even do it load' up : BUILDER FOR statistic / database page with Cement not dropping on it's own and being a reciped refinment itself and Aggregate also not dropping and also being a eciped refinment itself too it seem i was not the only one being tricked by the broken database on refining statistic and not recording of builder who can refine what my normal was so far : you mean cement bag ? like in brimstone ammo or unstable cement does no appear to be in the game by other players , but ok ...
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