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  1. Okay, cool. As long as I'm not the only one. Just hope it gets fixed before I start to go through withdrawals...
  2. Just like the title says, I can log in without problems. I get taken to the character select screen, and I choose a character, but then I get a "server failed to respond to sector login" error. I tried three different accounts and two different computers, and I can't get in on any of them. I can access the N7 site just fine, and when I start the launcher the server shows up as online, but I can't get in. Any ideas?   Also, for the last few weeks, the launcher has taken a fairly long time to load. It starts up quickly enough, but all the buttons are greyed out and it hangs on "checking updates for Net-7" for way longer than it used to before everything pops up and I can hit play (once I hit play, everything proceeds at the expected speed). Not sure if that has anything to do with it (as I've been able to play fine this whole time), but I thought it was worth mentioning.   Any help/suggestions are appreciated. I've turned off IPv6, which made the game run great, and I don't have any of the checksum settings on my network adapter. I'm on wi-fi, but that hasn't been a problem this whole time, and I'm running Win7 Pro 32-bit.
  3. The big problem with the manes in Glenn is that Glenn was always a safe mining spot, in a galaxy full of dangerous ones. Different people mine in different ways, and there are PLENTY of places where being discreet and fast are necessary. That was never the case in Glenn. GP-X18 was a safe field, where one could whittle away a few hours casually mining. The fact that the rocks around there were cherry picked means that people aren't sticking around anymore because of the manes. They're getting what they need and high-tailing it out of there. With guardians like that, you're gonna see more and more of that happening. I just tried to mine there and three manes started heading right towards me, extremely fast. It's no longer a casual mining area, and I maintain that a show of force like that is completely unwarranted. Why not just permaban the IPs of people who are caught and call it a day? I can't imagine that there are so many people botting that it will have any actual effect on the game, but if that's where you want to concentrate your efforts, punish them, not the people who actually enjoy playing. I'm not a powerminer. I don't pull exclusively high-lv ore. I can't defend myself against anything stronger than the L12 moles around GP-X30. I just like relaxing and clicking the pretty rocks, and I can no longer do that without fear.
  4. Up until last night, I've been using Glenn (specifically the asteroid ring around nav Asteroid GP-X18) as a safe ore field. I'd go there to relax, mine some ore, and watch something (usually The Simpsons or Futurama) on a secondary monitor. It was a zen experience. I'd get some XP, get some ore to sell, watch some stuff. It was great. Now, there are a half dozen L45 manes hanging around there, and I can't peacefully mine there. I understand the need to curb botting and macro mining, but is this really the way to do it? I thought that that's what poprocks were for. Sometimes I'll accidentally open one, and a L41 nasty will pop out, and make me stay away from that field for a while. The roids around GP-X21 have nothing around them, and GP-X30 has L12 Abnormal Moles. While they wouldn't be a match for an actual player, a botter or a macro miner would have a hard time pulling ore with a bunch of those guys ganging up on him. Were those L45 manes absolutely necessary? I would mine there and use the proceeds from that to fund my builder's analyses, and I can't do that any more. Glenn is supposed to be a safe area (at least, in the game's canon). It's for pleasure cruises and gambling. The most dangerous stuff is the Chavez base near nav Glenn 6, and they only go up to L28. I really think that a half dozen L45 manes are overkill, especially considering the fact that I've never seen a botter or a macro miner at this particular field, and aside from the odd L8 rock, it's mostly L5-7 ores. Nothing that warrants the kind of force applied. I'm all for banning botters and unattended macro miners, but for a mid-lv field like the ones around GP-X18, it seems like too much. You've taken my zen haven and turned it into a deathtrap. With all the actual issues that need dealing with in this game (the gate crashes and warp issues, not to mention the terminals freezing and eating items), is dropping massive monsters in a peaceful field really a priority? You also moved the Sharim Archaeologists. What purpose did that serve? I liked mining with them around, wondering what it was they were researching. Maybe they were looking for the missing link, and it was in one of the rocks I was kerploding. I just wanted to lodge a formal complaint about the placement of those manes. I don't expect this post to actually change anything, but it would be nice to be able to peacefully mine at my favorite ore field without having to do the touch-and-go mining that's usually reserved for sectors that are actually supposed to be dangerous...
  5. Haha. The mental image of a horse munching on a powercord is great. Thanks for that.
  6. [quote name='Crowey' timestamp='1355213673' post='68690'] Didnt you know sleep got abbolished as soon as EnB went LIVE [/quote] Well, yeah. That's why these sever outages have been great. They tell me when it's time to stop. As they get fewer and farther between, so will my periods of sleep, which is probably detrimental to my health in some way.
  7. Damn, restarting. And here I thought I'd actually get to sleep at a reasonable time...
  8. At least now I don't have wait for a logical stopping point to go on a coffee run. If you guys could have it back up by the time I get back, that'd be great. kthxbye.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ_R-G_i4Xk
  10. As an IT guy, I have to ask... Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  11. Yeah, even though Draclina has put forth a really plausible-sounding explanation, getting some reply from the folks in charge would be cool. Even if it's just "we have no idea what's going on, but we're looking into it."
  12. At least when the server's completely borked, nobody can get on. Seeing the online count go up and down when I can't even get past the character selection screen is torture.
  13. [quote name='Zerra' timestamp='1354510239' post='67800'] Any idea when the server will be back up? [/quote] Just as soon as they're done winding the rubber band back up.
  14. [quote name='Spektyr' timestamp='1298562963' post='35076'] Glad I could help. I've been really enjoying being able to play again. I consider the guides public domain now so you can publish them however you like. I've also got the Atlas and the Credits Guide that I can't upload due to size restrictions. [/quote] You can upload it to a free filehost like mediafire, and then just post the link. Mediafire is actually pretty good. 100mb maximum filesize, but unlimited downloads. I'd actually really like to take a look at your atlas. I've been using random map printouts that I found online, but I'd love to have a cohesive atlas.
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