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  1. mjrdude12

    Zeke's Epic Builder/Miner Mission(s)

    Yer gonna have ta lern bestest english to write fer dem guys, or Genril Mcquicken will git ya.
  2. mjrdude12

    New Advocate Election

    [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1300719196' post='36963'] I was thinking the same thing. It sure does seem like three months went by quick, although I guess it ultimately hinges on how long the advocate wants to stay. 6-12 months seems a bit long though. Maybe we could have a 4-month term, and extend the term limit to 3 terms? That way you'd have slightly less frequent elections and an advocate could server for up to a year. That's assuming everyone wants the term limits. [/quote] I agree. I think Lan has done a good job so far. I also think Mimir would do a good job.
  3. mjrdude12

    They're Here!

    *Dons tinfoil hat fo protection* Dude! WTF is that? Looks like they have landed.
  4. mjrdude12

    Portal Discussions inc DBv2 (Merged)

    If it's the one on page 2 of this thread, it worked for me.
  5. mjrdude12

    Forum Changes 1/31/2011

    Very, Very Nice C Del!
  6. mjrdude12

    Large guilds are like the Borg...

    Sorry to hear your experience with VGE was a bad one! I've been with them for quite a while and Never Ever did I see or hear anyone being treated that way. Sure, there are things that happen in a guild regardless of size. Can't please everyone type thing. As to TS being a requirement for raids, we haven't used TS for a long time, but it's always better to be in voice comms just so all group members know whats going on in the raid. Things get way to busy to type in group chat when raiding. Not sure who made the comment of leveling help, most of us drop what we are doing to help guildies when needed. I honestly can't think of a single time everyone was Required to join a raid, and not real sure the server could stand that many jumping into the FB at the same time anyway. I also stand by my original statement on making folks do things they don't want to, we have plenty of folks that do their own thing all the time. Sorry to derail, just had to respond. Edit: sorry was logged on with alt acct. I'm Klyde.
  7. mjrdude12

    Shield leech/sap

    When in a raid (during "live") agro was stolen from the mob by any healer that cast a heal. This was especially true in all of the raids that I attended. As a TT you knew before the raid that much xp debt was to be had if warriors couldn't hold agro. About Shield Sap on PW's: IIRC this skill was one of the "added" skills that came out around the same time as CF, and SC (shield charging). Each class got an added skill after release, can't remember what they all were. But I do remember all the uproar on the EnB forums about shortage of SP before adding them. And shortly after came the buddy system with SP as reward for new accts. If you read the (obsolete Prima guide) you'll find no mention of Sap in the PW section. I do agree that if a PW can solo boss mobs that it is overpowered though. I have not personally done this with my PW, nor watched it be done when in a raid group with my TT. As it is, my TT stays too busy healing to do anything like type in chat, etc.
  8. mjrdude12

    Shield leech/sap

    Another thing to consider is... The Prima guide at launch was obsolete in many ways as I recall, and much more so after launch and more balance tweaking happened. I still have my copy sitting next to my desk. As a TT all through live, I can tell you that a JE was very neccessary in raids for battery purposes if nothing else. Also, Sap was on a fairly short timer, and folks didn't spam it due to energy used. Everyone didn't have uber reactors then. I remember on my alt PW only using it when absolutely needed.
  9. mjrdude12


    One thing you guys could do in the area of communication, is to let players have some kind of notice to sweeping game changes like implemented today. Reinstating faction and closing BBW and Paramis gates unannounced is complete bs. Sure I can live with it, but the point of this here thread was to keep us informed, and as many failed attempts at faction and resets as we have seen in the past, does not bode well with me that once again you guys implement faction without so much as a peep of warning.
  10. mjrdude12

    Meeting with the Developers

    You have a point Starfox, however, the current game can never be like "live" due to a glaringly obvious fact (just for starters) the 3 new classes. So veering off the original devs "track" has happened way back. Personally, I think the more communication we have with the Dev team, the better.
  11. mjrdude12

    Activation email for game

    Thanks CDel
  12. mjrdude12

    Activation email for game

    Hi guys, My second acct never got an activation email. (BTW) This happened at start of ST4, I just haven't needed it till now. Anyway, this acct gets the old (temp banned) popup at game start. I have dbl checked email addy etc. Thanks muchly, Klyde2