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  1. After three days back (I was around pre-wipe and then gone for many years) I decided that it was reasonable to donate at the same rate I pay to sub to the subscription-based MMOs I still pay for...and decided a year+ of comparable sub fees was an appropriate donation. I'm treating the game no differently than I did when I payed a sub...if it's worth playing it's worth paying (in my opinion). Now I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can donate at that level without being really concerned about it...but it doesn't require that. If the active players who don't donate today all donate even $10 then it's a start.
  2. In the brief couple of days I've been back (last time I was around was in 2011) the community has been absolutely amazing...every bit (minus my guildies of course) as good as it was in live. I'm hooked again.
  3. Thanks Woodstock...but as I noted above: My hold was basically empty, I got the fragment, the mission did not advance. Cheers
  4. Hi Moulinneuf, If I'm reading that correctly I should ignore the 14/19 status and that it's still saying to see Monty and get the fragment from him and just go straight back to Daik-ya regardless? There's no breadcrumb for the next fragment since it's hung on Monty's step.
  5. [EDIT: This issue is resolved. Thanks ] Well, a couple of hours worth of step 'n fetchit on this and at the step where I start getting fragments of the 4th Inspiration, Monty DuChamps at F7 has the mission dialogue, agrees to sell it to me, I progress the dialogue, he says it's been a pleasure doing business with me and I get a fragment...but the quest fails to advance to the next step. Am I missing something obvious?
  6. [quote name='Sleepwalker' timestamp='1319924536' post='47786'] No, it's in "starting" mode....not quite online yet. [/quote] And....it fell down again. Offline
  7. [quote name='Hatu' timestamp='1319924370' post='47784'] Up now? Getting the "EA.com can't connect" error at login when I put in my pass [/quote] No, it's in "starting" mode....not quite online yet.
  8. [quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1319921631' post='47770'] down it is... <poof> [/quote] Was more like <thunk> for me.
  9. [quote name='badkarmaxv' timestamp='1319922513' post='47772'] Its 5:04 est. Are the servers down? Still problems with the patch? I was playing online when the servers went down twice and then later in the day the mrs. was playing in the early afternoon but now as I try to log on I get that Net-7 error " Server Failed to respond to Login Attempt" but see I am the only one so far that has posted about this problem. Unless I overlooked a post so let me know whats going on. Thanks, BK [/quote] As near as I can tell, the servers are offline. I was ingame, warping, and warp target was ignored and I just sailed off into the ether. Killed the client and the server now reports as offline.
  10. [quote name='Indianajones' timestamp='1318488715' post='47262'] I have a minor in psychology and i can tell you how true kyp's statement is. my psychology 101 class has a simple puzzle and it goes like this... O T T F F _ _ and we were asked to take as long as it did and write down what came as solution to this puzzle in a piece of paper and submit it to the prof. i am trying to do the same here and asking pps interested in this subject to ponder over what this could be and reply post.... Disclaimer : I got an A+ in (behavioural)psych 101 but almost flunked (clinical) pschy 102 lol...beware...putting your brain to work could cause harm to it. [/quote] I used to mess with people using that...but always prefaced it with a little story about how some very high percentage of ten-year olds got it right and a ridiculously low percentage of adults did....and used ten letters PMd you the answer...would be a shame to put it in the thread
  11. I'm opposed to the AH concept in this game. We're all fairly isolated from each other as it is most of the time, and the only time we ever get pixel to pixel contact is builds and sales. I think it's different in a ground-based MMO where you are constantly in visual contact with other people; but even in them the AH tends to lower social interaction. Just my two cents, though
  12. [quote name='Talar' timestamp='1317129185' post='46737'] Tell me what you think. [img]http://files1.guildlaunch.net/guild/library/gallery/69145/new_ui989Pop.jpg[/img] [/quote] It's very clean and minimalistic, which appeals to me. But as long as you are playing with this, extending the hotbars, making them scalable, and being able to stack two reduced-scale rows of them would be an interesting addition as well.
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