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  1. Calisto

    Space suits

    thank you
  2. Calisto

    Christmas 2015 Mary Christmas

    thank you Syber
  3. Calisto

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    well i guess i needed to catch up on The Blacklist anyway
  4. Calisto

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    guess it was a bad day to stop sniffing glue
  5. Calisto

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    any clue whats up 1 and 1 says they are up and running
  6. Calisto

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    checking... checking .... checking   ummm does anyone who matters know that the server is down ?
  7. i can login and get to the charachter screen, once i try and enter the game i keep getting the server failed to respond to sector login error message.
  8. Calisto

    Help Cant get into game

    I signed up for ST4 and used the correct accoutn name and email address. I never got an activation email to my email address, for kicks i tried to loggon to the game and it says that my account is temporarly banned. Can someone please help. Thanks Warhammertta