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  1. Germanizer in Glenn & GermanizerJE in OMP .... same story
  2. Maybe u have two clients.exe in different nearby folders and choosen the wrong one with net7 launcher. That was happen to me.
  3. [quote name='nascgi' timestamp='1305207261' post='40586'] I installed everything (net-7 & e&b and all that) and it seems to be running okay but i can't login to the game. My login/pass won't accept. I've signed up here at the forums (most likely) and at net-7 (definitely) and i know my net-7 account is good because i can log into the site, but sure enough it won't work for the game. Did I miss a step? Is there somewhere else i'm supposed to login to? Look; I'm just this guy, you know. Nothing special, so don't stress out over my problem if you don't have time, k? [/quote] Actually, the server is down. Take a look at Net7launcher, under the "Host: sunrise.net-7.org" line
  4. [quote name='gremilin' timestamp='1304365181' post='40125'] when i click to install auth says can not retrieve code [/quote] Had this problem too. My solution was: Browse in Net7-Launcher to the gamedirectory/release/client.exe. In same folder must be the auth.dll file. Hope it helps u too.
  5. Maybe a kind of motivator would help for more player donating. Something like .. hm.. Playernames shown in a gold color (ingame - all char names from the donating account). Just for the month the user has donated. And a golden glow under the ship when donated three months in a row. or six. Something like this.. nothing with an real advantage. I hope u guys understand what i´m trying to say.. my Nickname has a reason ^^
  6. Just a (probably stupid) question: Did you ever asking EA if they willing to pay for the extra-marketing? I mean.. everytime i start up enb-emu .. i see the unloved EA Logo.
  7. Don´t know how "up to date" this is.. but its worth a look. An old xls file with some stats. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=7&ved=0CFEQFjAG&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundwash.net%2Feve-0%2F!BUNCH%2520OF%2520EVE%2520SPREADSHEETS%2Fequipment.xls&rct=j&q=InfinitiCorp%20CE-X6%20Palomino%20Mk%20VII&ei=jDvATY31NtHpOeb_ofkE&usg=AFQjCNGbiMQ_cQ6CawOF0Cw6uICwkUTVnA&sig2=xmbQfbH_Dx9EvD8SjdPbKw&cad=rja
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