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  1. Hey all, really enjoyed this weekends 12 man! yes 12 man Gate raid! hah, was awesome, so pleased we got 2 people DG's from it as well! A little more time and we will have 12 people high enough level to do a Fish bowl raid, unlike the gate raid, Id strongly suggest that everyone is cl50 and in lvl 9 shields. Its a different kettle of fish to the gate raid (pub intended!) Have to say a big thankyou to all our regulars for turning up and taking part and welcome to the 1st time joiners too! With a special thank you to Lightshow. who gave out several more triggers for both gates and FB's after the raid! Thank you man! (would love to draw on your knowledge, experience and leadership in the FB too!) In the mean time, to keep people interested, Ive had a couple of people mention Mordana raids. Much easier than any other raid, no triggers needed and can be easily cleared by 5/6 people. Ill happily Join or run as many of these as people want, the CL xp is a little weak and the trade xp is miles away from the gate raid, but its awesome to play with other people! So starting tomorrow, Ill start posting in new players for anyone that wants to join in. They are especially nice for wep/reactor/shield builders, with some really nice drops. Would be great to see some of you there. Kind Regards Tulkas, or as many of you now know me BubTT (PS I hate healing!)
  2. yep many many many players unable to get in on certain accounts across many countries
  3. Hi Zack, we seem to be having problems again, several people unable to log accounts in, some stuck in zones, others unable to stay logged in. Some reporting buttons not working, Sorry to keep bothering you. Please could we have another reset Regards Tulkas Again as always, please respect zackman. No need to add posts, cheers guys
  4. Server appears to be playing up. Only 12 people showing online. Log in screen lags out, Can get in on chars for about 30 secs and then crashes. Chat screen shows people logging in then out, not being able to stay on. Please respect Zackmans wishes and dont reply to this post, allow him to, read this and investigate issues. Regards Tulkas
  5. hey hey! thanks to everyone to coming to todays gate raid, really smooth run and double the people from last week! We still have a trigger for another run next week and now we have a few face of the tengu for a fishbowl, but we need a few more people for that, two more would make a big difference. So please please encourage guild mates, friends, romans and next doors cat and lets keep this going! Ill host another gate raid, same time next week. If we can get 12, Ill also run a fishbowl after! pop your name below if you would like to join in and see you all next week! Tulkas
  6. While theres so many people on line reading the forum, while the servers down, I am unashamedly going to hijack what you are all reading and promote this weekends single character only raid! Everyone is welcome, Single character only, any class will do, I will fit in with whats needed. Theres no loot reserved! Id suggest being ol 135 at least, but If you turn up and die a lot in level 7 shields, then your welcome to pick up the xp debt haha! Gate raid, starting at 10pm california time, or 6am uk time, 7am in europe. Sign up, turn up, kill boss get loot, oh and have a laugh playing full screen, no armies! Kind Regards Tulkas
  7. Hey Hey, I will run another next Saturday night 10pm california time for the Americnas here, 6am uk time. Please let me know if you can make it and feewl free to ask friends/ guilds if theyd like to come join us.
  8. well the 1st run was a complete success! I had a load of fun, I ended healing and nobody died, including me! I will run more, Id love to get more people involved, new players and old, if we can get 12 interested we can move on and do fishbowl and Controller etc. I really want to keep it single player as much as possible, makes a huge change from running an army and can use character class skills, as well as having a laugh with other people! Please follow this thread and watch for further updates! Thanks to everyone that came, big gratz on loot and see you next time. Tulkas
  9. Server off line, just now. before posting replys, please read Zackmans earlier post
  10. Super, we have several people ready to give this a go, so lets get it going I managed to acquire 2 gate raid triggers, so we can do several. Plus woody has said he will open the prs for us, I noted yesterday he had dropped the gate entry to 10 credits! So lets find a time we can all do. Im on UK time, but I dont mind fitting in anywhere i.e. its 5am in the uk at the moment and 9pm in California, where many of you guys are from. So, Id like to suggest California time, Saturday the 23rd July at 10pm (6am 24th Sunday, UK time) Once again, drop a line on here if you can make that time. I will keep posting in game too Look forward to seeing everyone there Tulkas
  11. starting to look good guys really looking forward to this 'new' experience haha. will be fun trying to work together! Honest!
  12. Hey guys, I hope you are all well? I want to do some single character raids, ie 6 -12 people playing 1 char, old school raiding I Did the Mordana raids with 3 people and we had a lot of fun and Id like to extend that out, maybe start with a gate raid. Woody has said hed open the PRS and reduce the entry fee, so no need to farm feathers or triggers. The reason behind this is three fold, we have lost a lot of people recently who 1 man army the raids, which is a shame. we are getting new players all the time who it would be great for the game for them to get experience and gear also my third reason, is personally id like to play just 1 char and have some interaction with other people like most other MMORPG's This would be great for new players learning from experienced players and also good for the older players whove seen it all and done it all, for the to experience it from a different perspective. So far the people whod shown an interest are Tashayar, Phal and Elanor. With Evicary working on getting a character up to join in. If youd be interested in this, (I know the forum is a little quiet, at the best of times) please post below, what class you can play and a preference. We could also use the enb disco channel if thats something ppl would like to do, have a chat and laugh as we learn. So I open it up to you guys, new players and old seasoned hardened raiders. Looking forward to your replies Gwahir TE BubTT TT Tulkas JD Tulkass JD ExploreJE JE Hulksmash PW PW
  13. I think the hamster needs to be lifted back onto the wheel, its seems to have run off with the restart, possibly hanging out with all the cool guinea pigs in the petting zoo
  14. Yup, its broken, cant log in past character screen only 3 people on at the moment. just hanging. I did get in for 5 secs, but I had moved 3 zones away, then it crashed again.
  15. Ive started the oni raid quest, Ive spent 4 days farming all the parts needed. The drop rate is low on most of the parts, however Ive spent 2 days farming the oni fiends, lvl 36 for the oni bioflux pheromone. Not a single drop. After a quick chat to woody, he sais the drop rate was 34% which leads me to believe there is a problem here. Ive killed 100's I would post in the bug tracker, but it appears not to be working. If someone could look into this? Regards Tulkas
  16. Im online on my PW in paramis, there was a lot of rubberbanding as I played my JD, tried to dock and server said off line. the net 7 launcher says off line, even though I can interact with vendors etc on my pw
  17. sat in the earth and beyond disco channel in chat room 1 if anyone else is just hitting refresh on the forum and hitting the 'check' button on the launcher heres the disco, come say hi https://discord.gg/kszYsF7M Tulkas ExploreJE PWHulksmash
  18. same here, can get as far as character selection, then game just hangs. I also watched as everyone logged out (As I was talking to you Higginz) The launcher shows 15 people on line. Not usre if they are in, or trying to get in.
  19. Server appears to be down, just watched as everyone logged out. The launcher works, can get as far as character selection, then the game hangs.
  20. Gwahir


    I just joined the disco channel, not sure why its as dead as it is? Such a useful interactive useful tool, especially for when servers down, or trying to find someone. Not to mention its a fun place to chat with people too. Really handy for voice converstaion. So come on folks, hop on the disco channel! We can all moan together while the servers down haha Tulkas btw, Ghwair was my main in live
  21. I hope this update has some new exciting features, like the smoking mirror haha, its sure taking its time its time today
  22. Ive uninstalled and re installed the game, but Im getting an 'unhandled exception report' everytime I run the net 7 launcher. Is it my end or is the server down? Ideas, Help appreciated. Regards Tulkas
  23. Hey, game crashed and now I get an illegal error when I try to log in to net 7? Running the repair software now, just to check if its my end
  24. Hey, is the server down? or is it my end?
  25. Still not working here, if I hit local cert it hangs then says incorrect log in. If I unblock it, I just get an inv-300 straight away
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