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  1. Well guys just a heads up only 1 week to go and we seem a bit short for the month of May 2012 ...i understand everyone is busy Memorial Day weekend and all...but we need to make our goal..... anyway donate if you can ....we appreciate the support (my 2c worth....on donations to the project..just a "nudge" msg don't ya know) Searing
  2. you might want to get this 'tag'd' on the net-7 portal site and here in the proper areas where installs are explained.....i've got these questions more then once..not sure who prob cdel or some other web devs etc my 2c worth searing
  3. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1334402449' post='56740'] The net 7 portal has this kind of statistics. Not public though. I suppose we could add it to the portal if there was enough interest. [/quote] yeah...i used to run a bbs back in the day 83 to like 07 or so lost gonzo bbs anyway...in the 80's i was surprised by how many users i had from Iran considering the mood back then had a guy from somewhere in tibet too i think was interesting...so the counter in my view is a must ...just to show the useage of www page hits on both the [url="http://www.enb-emulator.com"]www.enb-emulator.com[/url] page and the [url="http://www.net-7.org"]www.net-7.org[/url] page would give us some numbers cred i'm sure....the map is just geeky enough to look at once in awhile and go Huh? where? anyway just my 2c worth...a guick way to show some real numbers/useage to glean us from the other "emulators' that have gone no place ..... anyhoo searing
  4. Just wondering if anyone like me thinks the [url="http://www.enb-emulator.com"]www.enb-emulator.com[/url] site need a web page hit counter on the main page..or one of those counters that shows where in the world you are connecting from along with counter ( here is a link to such a map site [url="http://m.maploco.com/details/eaefwyd"]http://m.maploco.com/details/eaefwyd[/url] ) take a vote of what you think...i myself am geeky enough to like the map version of the counter...see what dregs of the world you people are washing up from! my 2c worth Searing
  5. I always thought someone should make a newsgroup for enb-emulator. For those who don't know what a newsgroup feed is, it is a newsfeed of topics people can subscribe to that peak their interest ..such things as comp.sys.apple2 or games.firefly or some such Now the reason i bring up a newsgroup is I've noticed..that if i search for something say apple2 in google all these comp.sys.apple2 posts pop up...so i would assume the value in this would be that when people say were for nostalgia sake doing an earth and beyond search for fun....it would give more exposure to the enb-emulator if they saw recent or daily active newsgroup msgs pop up on the current project along with the static www pages..show some activity in postings on the project thru such a feed...anyway that is my thought... anyway for those who know such things that is my 2c worth searing
  6. [quote name='Vitaes' timestamp='1330808224' post='54793'] With this update, my Norton saw the Net-7.exe proxy as a threat and removed it! Now I have to do a full reinstall. If you have Norton 360 and have SONAR advanced protection turned on, you might want to change that setting or specify Net-7 as a good address. Anyone else have a problem with this? [/quote] don't use norton ...not sure if it is this way but in the past i am suspect of any program that is such a pain to remove as norton was..or still is.....i use Avast! free edition (2nd most popular download on downloads.com) works fine ...just a swipe at norton and a plug for avast! my 2c worth Searing
  7. This may be on a different thread ..but exactly how much of a pain was it for you guys to get non-profit status? Just wondering...was it a real pain or was it just a matter of just going thru forms in the right order/method? would be nice to hear it was easier then you thought (although i doubt that) Searing
  8. [quote name='Pink' timestamp='1328891041' post='53466'] Just wondering whether there are cheaper options than Paypal. It just seems like such a waste to pay them so much of our donations. I just wanted to bring this up, but I do not have any suggestions for another safe and international option. [/quote] The problem is with ebay and other big sites allowing you to use paypal ...most folks HAVE paypal ...so IMHO kinda stuck...i my situation i've tried other pay sites but they don't like American Express which i prefer ....paypal asks for credit card info like them all ...in case your e-check bounces but at least they take it as a back up..the other sites say visa only or their own banking option to get you with fees in the other direction ...some don't even take e-checks has to be credit card only. paypal is much like ebay way too big to ignore...and if we add another e-payment option ...they will likely want just as much of a cut so the savings may be some but in my view kinda like banking i can't see the fees being much less in the smaller e-services don't have a large enough $$$ base so their fees are likely the same or higher then paypal in that it has a large base....anyway.....my view not the projects view Searing
  9. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1328235127' post='52939'] We have a facebook somewheres, and I have a twitter account for us but have not yet used it. [/quote] that facebook account has come in handy at one time the servers in Germany all went boom....(site turned into a brick) a few of us were at least able to whine on facebook and determine that "NO" Germany had not been swallowed up by a blackhole...at least in the non-internet sense.....anyway something to keep in mind when all other communications with this site go boom (knock wood it will never happen again right?) Searing
  10. yes it is the gamesutra 2002 powerpoint presentation by eric wang showing a limited number of screens for the old tools back in the day again our dev tools now are light years ahead of those then (not sure if the devs want to show a screenshot or 2 of the new tools or not) but anyway might be of some note to those who back in the day were curious enjoy searing
  11. hmmm did this take...i think the file size is limited to 2mb and the file i thinks is 6.9mb so.....anyway well i tried to attach the file here don't think i can do so it seems so simply use the above message and link to the page there to download the powerpoint presentation interesting to look at for those who never saw the old tools again use the links in my prev post searing
  12. OK I'll see if this works....i have a power point presentation file of Eric Wang a lead developer at Westwood Studios power point presentation at a game dev convention.... most people prob know of this but is shows some screenshots of the old EA tools used to make EnB back in the day prob around 2001 or so. (by the by out tools we use here are "way" more advanced then the tools they used then....the progress ot the times and tool making software don't ya know" ok anyway assuming this link ok below is the link [b]C[/b][b]reating Stars and Planets in Earth and Beyond[/b] Eric Wang the link is below it is around the 9th or so down this link with the above title [url="http://www.gamasutra.com/gdcarchive/2002/index.htm"]http://www.gamasutra.com/gdcarchive/2002/index.htm[/url] also it is in powerpoint format fyi Searing
  13. Well the [url="http://www.enb-emulator.com"]www.enb-emulator.com[/url] site main page and all is coming up incomplete for me none of the .jpg or graphics other then the main forum topics seem to come up. Stuff like teamspeak and the donations area that entire right hand side of the page is blank. This is also the same if i'm log'd in as guest or log'd in as searing so whats up something change or what (and yes the rest of the internet is working fine) i'm running latest update of windows 7 pro anywhoo.... just out here in case it is a win 7 issue or some such searing
  14. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1325347483' post='50699'] Hi guys, Just wanted to say: Don't drink anything I wouldn't drink. Have a safe & happy new year tonight, and also thanks for helping us hit the monthly donation goal, we certainly appreciate it! Good night to all! Kyp [/quote] Yep ..a happy new year from myself as well..also to all and just as a side note when i joined the project in march of 2008 or so we had "gasp" single player ..you could fly around the universe in you own computer "by yourself"....i was thrilled and pretty much thought that was the end all be all of the project..then..if i remember right i think stress test 1 was Jan of 2009....server wise or at least it was opened up to non-testers...so to those of you who get somewhat discouraged by the project...well....its come a long way imho. Again...happy New Year! Searing
  15. [quote name='Beauregard' timestamp='1325366986' post='50716'] I was digging through my MP3's trying to clean them up, and ran across "The 12 days of EnB". Thought you'd like to hear it, if you didn't hear it when the game was live. [url="http://hyperpowered.com/files/12daysofenb.mp3"]12 Days of EnB[/url] "Don't leave me here!! AAAAHHHHH!!" [/quote] heh.... never heard of these before ...should probably put it on the main site every x-mas...imho Searing
  16. [quote name='Nelapsi' timestamp='1325041542' post='50433'] Hello, I created a new character PW nelapsipw and now when I try to log in I crash. PLease help and fix. I also Have this problem with Earlesscorpsett on another account could you please help thank you. [/quote] i've deleted the problem toon hopefully this solves this toons problem and your other new char toon was prev deleted earlier tonite...so they both should work now hopefully they will track down this glitch for the next push from the dev server searing
  17. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1325005625' post='50418'] A ! Take off ! Don't forget about this Christmas classic. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32CwrOZVobo&feature=related"][i]Bob and Doug[/i][/url] [/quote]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32CwrOZVobo&feature=related i agree the doug and bob video of a canadian x-mas is still a hoot..... *should had a poll on xmas battle of the bands..maybe next year) searing
  18. Here you go Tienbau a warped american classic: "grandma got run over by a reindeer" it seems australian's don't know about this little song ....for your cultural improvement here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuTHxMjVivg or just look up on youtube "grandma got run over by a reindeer" pops right up searing
  19. [quote name='Searing' timestamp='1324611594' post='50198'] Hate to sound like I'm not into the X-mas spirit ..but noticed we are like $500 bucks short on our server costs this month ...we still "HAVE" to make our $1,250/m. server costs..the extra costs shown (temp)on the server is the donations we also need to get to upgrade. Anyway just a gentle reminder before everyone is completely lost to the holidays... (and as always this is my personal plug as member not as staff member to the project..just so you know) Searing [/quote] anyway it is now barely X-mas and we are still about $330 down on our monthly fees of $1250/m to keep the server up with what 6 days to go.....(again end of $$$$ plug ......) Searing
  20. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1324715459' post='50231'] you been hitting the whacky baccy again S? [/quote] come on Tienbau you know it is all a "dream" don't you (you really think EA would let us run an emulator)..(oh crap ...the Matrix must be real if i use that logic) scared myself Searing
  21. [attachment=1223:isle1.jpg][quote name='kahkarot' timestamp='1324711173' post='50228'] Sean Connery and the film was called Outland [/quote] Be kind to Tienbau he codes a lot and does not get out much (all the social niceties don't ya know confuse him)...ok Tienbau back to you work station or i will make you watch those EA corp "how to code" videos again....(you know the one with the Asian guy and the island and the smoke monster....there is no escape.....) Searing
  22. Hate to sound like I'm not into the X-mas spirit ..but noticed we are like $500 bucks short on our server costs this month ...we still "HAVE" to make our $1,250/m. server costs..the extra costs shown (temp)on the server is the donations we also need to get to upgrade. Anyway just a gentle reminder before everyone is completely lost to the holidays... (and as always this is my personal plug as member not as staff member to the project..just so you know) Searing
  23. [quote name='Hatu' timestamp='1322465528' post='48964'] Can we now let everyone read this and not post 14,000 more WIPE!!111!! threads before this actually happens. [/quote] well i find the poll anyway interesting so far i thought it would be closer to 50/50 for a wipe but i guess the NO's have it...(i myself voted for a wipe but then again ...i'd like to see all scattered to newbie status (insert evil laugh here....burhaouahahhah ..cough) but again interesting to see the final % on this little vote Searing (swirls cape and exits stage left)
  24. well...that worked out pretty well ... approx 6 hrs after i ask folks to donate the project gets around 400 bucks and is within spit'in distance of the goal..my thanks (of course it could just be a coincidence ..irregardless i myself appreciate it)... and again (this reflects my own viewpoint and shall i say 'delight' at all the prompt donations and i'm speaking only for myself and not as a staff member nor for the enb emulator project....) Thanks for the support Searing
  25. Well i see that we are plenty short on the monthly fees needed for the emulator....no need for doom and gloom yet but if you can see your way clear to shoot us a few $$$....it would probably make everyone (or at least me) breath easier.... end of rant (this is my viewpoint and not reflective of my staff status or others on the project) Searing
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