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  1. [quote name='Maniac' timestamp='1307245817' post='41701'] Search your E&B folder for this: \Earth & Beyond\release\Client.exe Hope this helps. [/quote] Hmmm... turns out I don't have that folder. I went through the d/l'ing process again to make sure I didn't miss something and noticed that what I'm downloading when I choose the E&B Client is a file named 'eandb_demo.exe'. Is there another link I should be using, or is that the correct one?
  2. Hi all! So, I can likely chalk this up to me being blind and/or stupid, but... when I launch Net7, it prompts me to select the E&B Client... but I don't know where to find the file it needs. I followed the order of instructions on the E&B FAQ page, but am not sure how to proceed. Help would be appreciated!
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