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  1. TA I,II, III walk through http://enb.wikia.com/wiki/Coming_to_Grips_with_Agrippa
  2. Helpful as ever panda. Zero useful content, nothing but pointless negativity and finger pointing (not to mention poor grammar).
  3. Hi all, So I was on TS, chatting to a few of you and the idea which Wrock posted is an accumulation of ideas which came out of the discussion we had. I agree that the current system has some flaws and like others, I get frustrated when I see neglected triggers, but at the same time, a full FFA is just a knee-jerk reaction and will almost certainly swing the pendulum the other way, reducing the numbers of individuals who get involved. I am in a guild which has seen a lot of players going MIA for various personal reasons and so public raids and the occasional 'special invite' is the only way I am able to get involved. Furthermore, us UK based players will see our chances reduced further if a full FFA is implemented. So, I hate only pointing out flaws and always try to offer a solution so, as Wrock posted, keep the rotation but implement additional forfeit rules: Raid to be completed in x number of hours (24?/36?/48?) (24 feels right, just so long as there is some flexibility and public don't just steam in and take the raid at 24 hours and 1 min.) Public to formally announce they are going to trigger it and if that guild can gather troops quickly, public backs down. 3 Strikes and your out: Fail to do the raid within the agreed time period 3 times in a week and you loose your slot in the rotation The raid gets added to the public rotation Earn it back by means of a requesting being added back and proving your guilds worth Encourage guilds who are struggling to open up their raids to public, ensuring that the public are aware of that guilds raid rules before starting the raid. Thoughts people? Really.
  4. So, if I read that correctly, Stage I is not a prerequisite of Stage II. Is that right? ta Really
  5. Hi, I have searched the forums for information on how to get the mission. The only information I have been able to find (in game) is that you need to get a GM to drop it in to your mission log. Is this correct? If so, does it need to be done in game or can I ask them via the forums while I am off line? cheers Really
  6. Happy Birthday man!
    Still gotta find you in game... be safe brother
    1. boondock


      Thanks, I have not logged in for years so yeah... a bit late on the reply :D



  7. Hicks bro....It's cali!
    Moved on to a new name but it's still me..
    Really, Reallytt Reallyje !
    Hope to catch you in game!!! :D
  8. [quote name='Iacobus' timestamp='1303253118' post='39454'] Still down??? [/quote] 17:00 to 12:00 (almost) Server time... Any news as to why it's been down for so long?
  9. Hi, Like about 65% of us here, I also work in IT. Unlike most of you, I'm the guy you don't like.....I'm a Project Manager! (yeah, I can hear you all boo-ing and hiss-ing at me! lol) I am though working on the worlds largest IT project (the full IT upgrade of the entire British health service.) With 60 million customers, 1.8 million users and more treatments/services than most of us care to think of, managing this lot is no mean feat. However, in the context of EnB, I don't think my skills are going to be needed as much as Devs, DBAs and code-monkeys. Still, I'm here if ppl need R
  10. Time to end ST4, wipe chars and move to beta?! If it's got to be done at some point, now seems like a very opportune time.
  11. Hi, I've installed EnB on a second machine but keep getting an error message. I've downloaded the main EnB client, run the update file then installed the Net 7 launcher. While Net 7 is updating I get the attached error. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Really.
  12. So then, V1.1 has been up for a while, any more feed back on this version? cheers, Really
  13. - Black Splitter: Values adjusted in accordance to your information. - I've amended the calculation to base ammo dmg + (200%+buff increase) - Amended the layout to improve where the help text appears - resolved the prototype #DIV/0 issue BUT, as proto's are of a variable quality %, this one will always be dodgy. Hope that helps. Cheers Really. Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.1.xls Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.1.xls
  14. OK, I'll address each one in time - font: overall size can be adjusted simply by pressing ctrl and using your mouse scroll wheel. - Annoying for some users may well be helpful for others. - Point taken but as all values are shown, the assumptions should be apparent. - Sting Oct: I've been given the data as it stands but am happy to make amendments where people have contrary information. Bonus damage from PL skill is set at 200% at the moment as the only weapons included are L9. When we include lower weapons, we'll reduce it. (L8 is 175%, L7 is 150% etc etc) cheers Really
  15. Hi I'll take a look at the #D1V0 error and get that sorted. I was given information that shows that the percentage of turbo actually represents the percentage of increased DPS. So, 100% turbo means that in a given amount of time, you'll do 100% more damage. Which in real terms, means your weapons will fire twice as often in that time frame. Hence, 100% turbo means a reduction in your fire rate of 50%. I did originally assume that the percentage of turbo related to the percentage reduction of a weapons reload rate. Clearly, this is not correct as in game, you can get more than 100% turbo...! (If you reduce your reload rate by 100% your reload time would be 0, which would result in all your ammo firing instantaneously. Turbo of over 100 would mean a negative reload time which makes my brain hurt when I try to think about it! lol) With regard to things stacking, it's simply a matter of only selecting the weapons/buffs that actually work together. The idea of this calculator is to allow users to work out two things, 1) DPS 2) the amount of ammo they're going to use over a given period of time. What the calculator doesn't do, is limit the user. For example, you can use the calculator to work out the DPS if you have 4% turbo, even though in game, you can't have 4%. It's up to the user only enter details which are correct. If the user wishes to enter 'fictional' information, then they are free to do so. Perhaps, if my Excel skills were better and I had a full understanding of all the inter-relationships between items/buffs in game then I could tie this down to only allow users to enter valid combinations. With regard to the 3, 14.4 and 30% bonuses, thanks for letting me know it adds to the base damage, I'll adjust the calculations to account for this.
  16. hey guys, I've been working with Magoo to refine and improve this. We've used the information you guys have provided and have drastically improved the look and feel of the document. Just take a look and let us know: a) if there are any errors (Please supply definitive data to allow us to make corrections) if there is anything we need to add to this to improve it. Just before anyone asks, we will be adding MLs and beams at a later point. (Either we'll add it to this or create new versions). Your feed back is useful but please try to be constructive and give us as much data as you can. Cheers Really/Magoo. Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.0.xls Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.0.xls
  17. Excellent..thanks for the information.
  18. Hi, I have been asked by a player to assist with the creation of an Excel tool which will display the DPS for weapons. During the creation I came across an oddity with regard to the handling of the calculation of turbo percentages on weapon reload times. This is what I mean. If we look at the Archos, it has a standard reload time of 1.4 seconds. I am assuming that if a player had a turbo percentage of 50%, then the reload time would be halved. 1.4 -50% = 0.7 second reload. So far, so good. But what happens at 100%? Let's start with some simple numbers: If I were to add 100% of 10 to 10, I'd have 20, right? And so, if I were to subtract 100% of 10 from 10, then I'd have 0. So how would that work with the reload time for an Archos, if I were to have 100% turbo? Surely, 100% of 1.4 seconds is 1.4 seconds and therefore the reload time would be 0 seconds, which would theoretically mean my entire supply of ammo would fire instantaneously! If that were true, how would the game handle over 100%, give you more ammo than you started with....??? Clearly the game doesn't handle turbo percentage in the way one would normally expect. So, does anyone know how it does handle it? If someone could simply explain how the game calculates the reload times when turbo applied, I'd be grateful. Perhaps you can fill in the following: Archos native 1.4 reload. 10% turbo = 25% turbo = 50% turbo = 75% turbo = 100% turbo = 125% turbo = (Yes, I know 125% isn't actually possible to achieve but I want to understand the maths.) cheers Really/Calibra
  19. Totally understand Slayer... 5 years on, our real lives have almost certainly become more hectic filled with things which we now consider more important that EnB. (Even if 5 years ago NOTHING was more important!) Let's just hope that when EnB Emu settle's in to a live release, FF can regain it's old status. (I've still got another 70+ lvls before I can join Fishbowl and Controller groups so I'm just leveling up as fast as I can, then I'll be there! ) Cali/really
  20. I'm torn....and not because of anything physical Slayer has done to me!... When I first logged on to ST4, I was chatting to Gleek on teamspeak and he invited me in to The Chosen, and they have been fantastic to me. Credits, items, builds, advice etc etc. I am FF through and through but these guys are active, friendly, helpful and quite funny too. Perhaps, until such time as time as we have "Live" emu, I'll just stick with the Chosen. Once we have a live instance, I think FF should rise from the aches and rule the world Really:Calibra
  21. it's reset each month...! Right, I didn't realise that so apologies to anyone who might be or might have been offended by my approach. Slay, read your PM and call me!
  22. Hi all, I don't want to sound like I am trying to big up myself but I've just made a donation and was very shocked to find out I am the 2nd highest donor....of a grand total of 2! We all used to pay EA (spit) every single month, for many of us, we even paid for multiple accounts. How much was it, like $10 a month? Surely we can find a few Dollars/Pounds/Yen/Euros each? 100 players, $7.5 dollars each (as a ONE OFF) = $750 (our grand total). This is OUR game now, let's act like we care Really (Calibra - Andro)
  23. Oh yes, Rumour..I remember now and hey Emba! There's another blast from the past!!! I have SUCH a good feeling about this...!
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