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  1. TA I,II, III walk through http://enb.wikia.com/wiki/Coming_to_Grips_with_Agrippa
  2. Helpful as ever panda. Zero useful content, nothing but pointless negativity and finger pointing (not to mention poor grammar).
  3. Hi all, So I was on TS, chatting to a few of you and the idea which Wrock posted is an accumulation of ideas which came out of the discussion we had. I agree that the current system has some flaws and like others, I get frustrated when I see neglected triggers, but at the same time, a full FFA is just a knee-jerk reaction and will almost certainly swing the pendulum the other way, reducing the numbers of individuals who get involved. I am in a guild which has seen a lot of players going MIA for various personal reasons and so public raids and the occasional 'special invite' is the only way I am able to get involved. Furthermore, us UK based players will see our chances reduced further if a full FFA is implemented. So, I hate only pointing out flaws and always try to offer a solution so, as Wrock posted, keep the rotation but implement additional forfeit rules: Raid to be completed in x number of hours (24?/36?/48?) (24 feels right, just so long as there is some flexibility and public don't just steam in and take the raid at 24 hours and 1 min.) Public to formally announce they are going to trigger it and if that guild can gather troops quickly, public backs down. 3 Strikes and your out: Fail to do the raid within the agreed time period 3 times in a week and you loose your slot in the rotation The raid gets added to the public rotation Earn it back by means of a requesting being added back and proving your guilds worth Encourage guilds who are struggling to open up their raids to public, ensuring that the public are aware of that guilds raid rules before starting the raid. Thoughts people? Really.
  4. So, if I read that correctly, Stage I is not a prerequisite of Stage II. Is that right? ta Really
  5. Hi, I have searched the forums for information on how to get the mission. The only information I have been able to find (in game) is that you need to get a GM to drop it in to your mission log. Is this correct? If so, does it need to be done in game or can I ask them via the forums while I am off line? cheers Really
  6. Happy Birthday man!
    Still gotta find you in game... be safe brother
    1. boondock


      Thanks, I have not logged in for years so yeah... a bit late on the reply :D



  7. Hicks bro....It's cali!
    Moved on to a new name but it's still me..
    Really, Reallytt Reallyje !
    Hope to catch you in game!!! :D
  8. [quote name='Iacobus' timestamp='1303253118' post='39454'] Still down??? [/quote] 17:00 to 12:00 (almost) Server time... Any news as to why it's been down for so long?
  9. Hi, Like about 65% of us here, I also work in IT. Unlike most of you, I'm the guy you don't like.....I'm a Project Manager! (yeah, I can hear you all boo-ing and hiss-ing at me! lol) I am though working on the worlds largest IT project (the full IT upgrade of the entire British health service.) With 60 million customers, 1.8 million users and more treatments/services than most of us care to think of, managing this lot is no mean feat. However, in the context of EnB, I don't think my skills are going to be needed as much as Devs, DBAs and code-monkeys. Still, I'm here if ppl need R
  10. Time to end ST4, wipe chars and move to beta?! If it's got to be done at some point, now seems like a very opportune time.
  11. Hi, I've installed EnB on a second machine but keep getting an error message. I've downloaded the main EnB client, run the update file then installed the Net 7 launcher. While Net 7 is updating I get the attached error. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Really.
  12. So then, V1.1 has been up for a while, any more feed back on this version? cheers, Really
  13. - Black Splitter: Values adjusted in accordance to your information. - I've amended the calculation to base ammo dmg + (200%+buff increase) - Amended the layout to improve where the help text appears - resolved the prototype #DIV/0 issue BUT, as proto's are of a variable quality %, this one will always be dodgy. Hope that helps. Cheers Really. Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.1.xls Earth and Beyond Projectile Weapon Damage Calculator V1.1.xls
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