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  1. Anyone still have the net-7 single player version. The one that do not use mysql. 1.7 I think. Was a limited version but can use beta/admin commands. I did with tada-o version (sourceforge) but is a pain old mysql server and debug mode. The one that was xml file was funny. Thank you.
  2. On mac mini. wine Version 1.8-rc4 (1.8-rc4). Do not try to use net-7 directly is a pain. Can use line commands there was a post somewhere with the source. I complied in windows and works with mac. Install net-7 but to update use command line commands: First is to update game (Net7Patcher.exe --stdout --net7 "c:\Program Files\Net-7" --client "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release"), second is the launcher itself. To play net7proxy.exe /LADDRESS:0 /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER /DML (or use N.bat from c:\) Net7Patcher.exe N.bat net7proxy.exe
  3. You mentioned I could run the emulator via command line.


    net7proxy.exe /LADDRESS:0 /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER /DML


    How would I go about making this portable to run off a thumb drive?


    Tried it and net7proxy is not launching.

    1. Antflyer


      You only have set the correct path, but wine must recognize it. In my case drive_c is the c: that wine shows. (also can use File manager on wine), but first update it. CLIENT:"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe" in orange the set the path to drive (but check first if wine show it, and use like you can see in file manager or in console). In my case an usb was E later so E:\Program... or C:\Earth....

      Sorry for really so late..I see it today...




  4. I use the certificate option only when play solo. You can try net7proxy.exe /LADDRESS:0 /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER /DML from console (in run CMD, with like admin ), I use that on wine-mac.
  5. now JS dont have negociate 7....
  6. As soon as i run in full screen i can log again. If still problems unclick long packet. (Vista 32- set XP compatibility and as administrador on shortcut )
  7. i can log in once, but crash soon...(Vista32)
  8. Is posible mob navs one by one (Enb Tools) and other posibility is how the gates are linked, but this can afect trade routes unless trades are dinamic.
  9. I read about explorers will be the ones who can make devices, about the mess with HP, or even shield recharge... Lets start for may be we need to do a full reform more near as game was original desing. I mean repair would be for TT (and TE) and HP only TS skill, well dont yelling me yet. On the other band we have to add 3 news skills to trades: build quality skill, analice skill and dismantle skill. All trades lost build devs and may be seeker get navigate7 and still on engine8. On this way JE dont be afraid of lost reactors because he gain build devs (can make jenpie only devs) like the rest of explorers get an exclusive build. Sorry if i mess a bit, let see the brief: TT gets build quality skill lvl1: add 1% build quality lvl2: add 2% build quality lvl3: add 3% build quality and increase 5% trade xp lvl4: add 4% build quality and increase 7% trade xp lvl4: add 5% build quality and increase 10% trade xp Lost HP, gain repair. The only warrior can still get reapair will be TEnf. Lost build devs. JS gets build analice skill lvl1: add 1% success on analice. lvl2: add 2% success on analice. lvl3: add 3% success on analice and increse critical analice 3% lvl4: add 4% success on analice and increse critical analice 4% lvl5: add 5% success on analice and increse critical analice 5% JT makes reactors, engines and weapons. Gets navigate (if TT, TS and JE have it i guess is logical even if have to lost fold space) PP gets dismantle skill lvl1: add 1% success on analice. lvl2: add 2% success on analice. lvl3: add 3% success on analice and increse critical analice 3% lvl4: add 4% success on analice and increse critical analice 4% lvl5: add 5% success on analice and increse critical analice 5% No changes acttually. Now this skills could be boosted to build analice and dismantle non manu stuff but this requiere a lot of job and money (arround x100 cost of normal item) and job requiere JS gives a blueprint (one use!, and will be lvl7 os skill) to TT to build, and a blueprint to PP to dismantle a non manu and gets compos (i refer to non manu that lost quality). On the other hand non manu stuff should be limited may be only 100%q. 2 warriors lost repair. Well are is only some that comes to mind.... may be im wrong...
  10. Only said all terrans make engines that in my opinion if seeker also make engines are a lot of ppl doing engines (4 vs only 2 reactors). With that i understand that JE "exclusive" build if u quit it even less ppl get JE. On the other hand reactors are a luxury item because JE dont have negociate (is true that Je on general are really generous on, mmm i should say tip and not price) and not sure if JE want get engines build. On the other hand JS IMO should have navigate (TE,TT and JE all trade-explorer combinations have it except JS (even only Trader-trader have it)) because now u quit engines 9 and some skill to avoid combat (cloak seem a bit useless). I play a seeker and i dont found hard get a reactor builder, the reason to give reactos to seeker will be the lack of negociate on JE. About seeker itself i think a new skill space related will be needed (JE, JD have a lot: wh, summon, foldspace...)
  11. Hull patch was originaly only for terran explorer, but like that clase was missing TT get it.
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