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  1. lol ur rep is 70

  2. I'd wait til the fermis come out. Barring that, ATI cards dominate right now on a $/performance ratio and also supposrt DX11. Take a look at this for comparisons: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/best-graphics-card,review-31829-5.html
  3. The Nathan Zhao event at the end of Beta was similar, except I don't think anyone killed him and he just trashed everybody If the server can handle a few hundred people in one spot, go nuts! With the item creation tool, you could make a new item for these things instead of re-packaging the old. Having something truly unique (but not OP) would make these a huge success.
  4. Nothing in that mission resembles the difficulty that warrants that sort of drop. Period. I did the whole mission start to finish, and the only thing that makes it harder now is the questionable mob AI. Why put in goofy stuff now just to have to back it out later? That's like writing code just for the sake of deleting it later on when you write the "correct" code. Reading does not = agreeing, and I'm not sure why you are jumping on my nuts for having an opinion. As I said, put good items on these quests to warrant the time. The HU30 quest reward is a fantastic example of a great item that warrants the time. Put some great lvl 7 non manu non trade Pl at 100, maybe a lvl 8 reactor at 135. If you implement a better PW shield, then fine, put the CFB on here, but no way in hell should the game be that easy that you get it from the HU100 quest or HU135 quest when it goes in, which isn't hard if you aren't lazy. My comment wasn't just about the progen quest, but all level up bonus quests in general. Why does everyone want this game to be so damn easy? The next person who uses "it's just a test" as rationale for questionable decision making is getting airlocked.
  5. The best of the best gear should not be soloable. This is an MMO. Put in some lvl 9 stuff sure, maybe Archos, Type A ML, etc, but raid caliber loot (CFB) should be on raid caliber mobs. The economy is diluted enough with everyone and their mother being able to build everything. Having 1-3 people on a server with a print actually makes the marketplace interesting. Right now supply is inifinite, so money is worthless. If it was on a raid level rare boss in Live, it probably shouldn't be on a solo/group mob in this version of the game. Without challenge, the game is boring. If these items are non-manu, non-trade, and almost as good as say RD Base loot, that's fine. Putting absolute end-game level gear in these quests is just catering to people that want everything easy and handed out on silver platters. Even if that manes takes 18 people to kill, it's up 24/7, guaranteed drop, etc, and is common loot. The end-game stuff should be rare, hard as hell to get, and give people something to work for. Everyone running around with maxed gear is just dumb. Stuff like Archos, model Z, type A, etc should be considered "good" gear and used by the majority of players. Right now a 195% Bile ML is considered "junk", and anyone using Type A's is terrible, which says something about the loot system. It used to take weeks or months even to get that one item you needed, making it much more fulfilling to get it than just getting hand outs.
  6. Unique, non-tradeable items similar to the progen HU30 reward makes more sense than a print. For lvl 100, give a good item for lvl 100, but definitely not an end-game item/recipe. I don't believe levelling should be rewarded with end-game loot. Useful stuff to get to 150 would be great though. Making the game trivial by putting ubers in progression quests seems silly. I can make the CFB on my TT, and the idea that I can manu the best PW shield in the game because I did some fetch quests breaks the end-game.
  7. Maybe this thread just needed drama and he was stirring the pot Addressed server downtime message with explanation = epic win, thanks!
  8. This. Getting consistency of rules/regulations is just as important as a working game. Asking for consistency isn't the same thing as whining. "This is BS I didn't get one!" is radically different from "Hey this doesn't seem to agree with the guidelines of the game, can you please clarify the official poition." I haven't seen anyone cry about the item in this thread or the last incident but rather put forward legitimate questions. A working GM system that follows it's own guidelines is something that should be sorted out and made consistent well before Live. Testing raid content by staff can all be done on the test server without having an impact on the player environment. When the line between the ref and the player gets muddled, problems are going to result. "It's just a stress test" and "stop crying" posts are really useless for people trying to have an intelligent discussion.
  9. That is completely irrelevant. The item should not exist in the player population. Whether a GM loots it or creates it, the item was not obtained through intended mechanics (players aren't intended to start at OL150 with pimp gear). 12. A GM will not use the GM account/character to aid fellow players to gain credits, levels, experience, or any items. That seem pretty clear to me.
  10. Soo... artifically levelled to 150 and geared accounts go out and get loot to throw off game balance. If you don't see why this is a terrible idea from a game balance and game integrity standpoint, I'm at a loss for words. GM's should not interact with the player population. GM's should not create OR give players items outside of bugs deleting them or quests not working. If you want to kill stuff and interact with players, do it on a personal account, not a GM account. When the refs are affecting the outcome of a game, it's crap. I appreciate the volunteer time, but GMs are GMs, not Santa Claus. If you want people getting random epic items for doing trivial tasks, put Santa Claus back in as a mechanic.
  11. Whether you support it or not, it's still going to happen, they already have a test server running. Working with those guys instead of against them would get the "community" to a working game more quickly. The more teams working on this together, the better. If someone is looking to own it for glory, then they are missing the idea behind emulation. I don't care, nor does the community care, who writes the code, the goal is just to reproduce enb and have it work. Hoarding it doesn't help and just creates redundancy if people are all working on the same problems?
  12. Not going to speculate, Kyp is seeing what's up, so we should let him adress it. I have no idea what happened, wasn't online, wasn't there (bioshock 2 methinks) People bugging Whitelighter should just chill out and let the people with the powers sort it out. Anyone asking him how to exploit stuff or cheat should be p-banned. /shrug
  13. That's correct, assuming none of the players are grouped. If PW3 and TT1 are grouped, they should get credit for the kill. If that doesn't happen and PW2 gets credit, it's a coding issue with kill credit, not PW2's fault 51% rule is just used as general term to describe kill credit. Bugged kill credit could also explain why, if grouped, a player has to do the most damage to get quest credit, where it should be credited to everyone in the group on that quest. Where this gets messy is that loot rights work fine in a group as does the XP sharing, so something is pulling the kill credit correctly in some cases. Just important to distinguish between coding issue and exploit, as those are two totally different scenarios, which is why some dev communication on the cause would be great please. Also good for people to understand that there are bugs, it's pre-pre-pre(pre?) alpha and that if something doesn't seem right, submitting a ticket rather than jumping to conclusions or going after someone in game is probably a more productive approach. Presented with just "impossible" or "exploit" neglects other options such as "coding problem", "lag", etc.
  14. Thanks. Problem with group damage calculations and the 51% rule?
  15. If you're adjusting Shield Sap (my guess), please don't play with the healed amount and make the skill useless
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