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  1. Has anyone else notice the range indicators on devices are not working? In the shortcut bar the distance to the target still shows, but the activation range is 0.00k
  2. I am experiencing similar issues. When my avatar is not active constantly, it seems to just disconnect in game. The client shows fully logged in, but I cannot do anything in game.
  3. Same PC, Drex seems fine, no issues. Firstandgoal however, locks up after a few minutes.
  4. I was able to create the dmp file.
  5. I also remember an auto-leveling feature that kept your ship at a fixed Z-axis.  Nice when free warping and not ending up on the ceiling or in the basement.
  6. While in a group (I am in mostly 2 player groups), and a team member gates (especially when not in the same sector), if the other team member was thrusting about, their velocity goes to 0.  Not too much of an issue unless you are kiting and you stop.   The second observation, and I do not remember how this was in live, but during the stress testing, if you switch between targets with your weapons active, they would continue to fire.  Under new live, you now have to re-activate your weapons.   These are simply observations, and nothing more.   Thank you to all who made this a reality again.
  7. Thank you, moving forward with the mission now.
  8. I am having issues with the bonus mission.  Also stuck on 4 of 18.   Tzumper - TE   Chaulkoutline - TT
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