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  1. Thank you sir, I must be going blind.  I've started using it already.
  2. I apologize if there is a better place to put these things, but I couldn't easily find a forum area labeled for bug reports.  Anyway I've located a level 42 mob called "Renegade Progen Princeps" in Endriago sector that has shields of 612,335 and a hull of 25,650.  I could be wrong here but I believe someone added an extra character or moved a decimal or something on the shield numbers as that seems roughly 10 times too high.  There are a few of them flying around the asteroid navs north of Endriago and they do not appear to be a boss or rare spawn of any sort that would justify exceptional stats. 
  3. Unless I'm totally mistaken or my individual client is borked, that doesn't seem to be the case Kyp.  What's happening now is that the hacking skill from the mob creates a timed debuff on your ship that is unmitigatable where you cannot use skills or have use of equipment.  In the live game years ago what we'd have was a hacking effect that uninstalled 2 random pieces of gear and then the gear started reinstalling immediately so that reducing your equipment install time via certain gear use or activated buffs could make getting hacked a very short ordeal instead of the present system where we sit unable to warp or use skills until a debuff timer expires.    To experience what I'm talking about you could do an experiment where you swap gear on your ship either in a station or just floating in space and measure how long that takes with your equipment engineering buff, then go find a mob that hacks equipment and measure that time.
  4. Seems we may have had a hiccup.  At least the login is down atm.
  5. Right you are sir. I may have done a poor job with my description there. What I was trying to convey, was that when you were the recipient of the hack it is my recollection that the effect on you was instantaneous. As opposed to the debuffs that presently appear in ones buff display. I was not meaning that the skill use was. Also because I realized that we like to have some proof of our positions on any issue before implementing a change, I'd like to point everyone to the device description of the Greasemonkey Plus, I'm not able to post the link atm, but the description specifically states that it is designed to decrease the recovery time of a hack on your systems. At this time that description is very much inaccurate.
  6. Ok, not to beat a dead horse or anything here but just to clarify.  The hacking effect in live was an instant effect skill that many mobs had through all levels as it is here and as it should be.  What I was trying to relay was that after the instant effect a random any two devices were uninstalled, they were listed in your system message box iirc.  I'm not aware of a need to swap gear or anything else as a work around, hack , or exploit.  After the hack those items would start to reinstall.  To mitigate the effect of the downtime for the reinstall people would try to keep either an equipped or activated 'equipment engineering' buff on them so that the gear would reinstall faster.  This was not a hack at all but strategy because it usually required a device slot to do it.  This was the balancing effect as most people would rather have something else to help augment damage output, power recharge, scan range, or damage resists, etc. but would instead use a greasemonkey to recover from hacks when facing mobs known to use that skill.  As for the ability to render all player skills inaccessible being mentioned in the original design docs, I'm sure it was but there were many things in the design docs that didn't make it in for one reason or another, in this case I can imagine it may have been left out for balance reasons as the TE would absolutely own other classes in the PVP arenas if he were able to disable all their skill use.    In any case, I'm definitely voting for a redesign of the hack skill to something more similar to live.  The increased hit rate of hack and biosupression is probably a very good thing as those were 2 skills largely ignored by most TE's I knew until post 150 when the other skills were already paid for during live.
  7. Well in response to Terrell, the equipment engineering either equipped or active buff, was what helped to clear the hacking effect in live, as the hack had a chance to nock off a couple random buffs and uninstall a couple random pieces of equipment, I think it was actually just 2.  So it seems like your proposed change is reinventing the wheel as the live game already had similar functionality.   As to Syberfly, the situation that led me to come here and comment on the revamping of the hacking system was from mid level character leveling.  I'm not talking about soloing level 55+ or soloing a raid boss here.  I find that low to mid level mobs, those that are designed to be level grinding run of the mill mobs have this ability and I find it overpowered.  Now a combat class may be able to put their nose to the grindstone and just kill whatever hacked them but many of the trader and explorer classes cannot just kill a thing before dying themselves when the abilities granted them for survival are taken away.    Here, the way it is now if you are hacked, you cannot fly away, you cannot use skills, all you can do is try to kill the mob with whatever weapons are still firing before it kills you.  In live I was not aware of any situation in which a trained ability was ever disabled for a duration of time like this.  Individual character skills just like mob skills could be interrupted while being activated and that would result in a cool down timer triggering.  Now because a hack uninstalled ship components you would loose any buffs to skills received by those devices but only until they were reinstalled.   I would like to see the system more closely resemble what it was like in the live game here.  I know many things have been updated and changed that take us away from what pure live play was like and I'm ok with much of that.  But as I had said in my previous post, I think that this particular change crosses the line into the realm of it not being fun, not improving the game play experience. 
  8. I had been away, busy with RL or other games for some time and came back to find the updated hacking ability.  I must say I don't like it.  In live many people would keep an Greasemonkey plus device on because hacking effectively uninstalled items, you kept your reactor and shield capacity at the time of hack but recharge was stopped, or your engine was uninstalled so no warping, etc., so with some equipment engineering buffs you could mitigate the harm to some extent, unless of course your Greasemonkey or whatever device you were getting the buff from got hacked.  For raids I remember equipment engineering buffs being handed out to help mitigate the damage of ones equipped device that provided the original buff being hacked.    Point is there was some strategy to it, and if you took precautions it could be mitigated or avoided all together at the cost of a device slot of course.  With this present system it looks like you get loaded with debuffs that keep things from working for a set amount of time and no skill use to boot, makes this a really overpowered ability.  For a soloing toon to be unable to warp no matter what you do during that time and then also unable to cloak or to shield recharge or fold space or whatever your class does to escape is ridiculous.  I like that you guys were trying to be creative but in this case I believe you've overstepped the goal and taken what was an element of challenge that could be worked around by the experienced player and made it just no fun.
  9. this really isn't a terrible problem to have, i'm really impressed whith how long our server stays alive... in live, at least on pegasus, we managead to lag that baby down and crash it at least every other day to flush the floaters and get resets on the raids. ohh the good ol days of 2 gates and 2 controllers in a single sitting...
  10. i had many dealings with Arthur during ST3, he's like most people, a hell of a nice guy if you're reasonably respectfull and coherent. havn't seen him arround since ST4 started but i assume that's because they are using the dedicated test server rather than the play server. if i felt i could consistently dedicate a large ammount of time to testing i'd surely persue beta status myself i just don't feel that i'm arround enough to be usefull atm.
  11. i go on vacation for a week and people are taking the thread off track... the point of my post was that this is/was an mmo that did reward grouping without really disadvantaging solo players much and we're all trying to get back to that. while the present job system is so potentially lucrative that it makes little sense to group for anything other than raids. i'm not trying to nerf jobs, take jobs, away, or force grouping, i just want to see grouping returned to what it was/should be, somewhat more beneficial than doing everything solo. along these lines, i was trying to find original information on the grouping xp breakdown, the closest i found discussed grouping xp bonuses but not the division of xp and it was here: http://ebiia.net/Newbie2.shtml it also had a bit toward the middle discussing capped/rollover xp. it claims 80% rolls over and i believe we currently have a 50% rollover. does anyone remember this?
  12. i did not remember there being a group level limmit for mining but then mining is most efficient in a certain level range so you would tend to favor appropriate level fields anyway. i think it also tends to be a solo activity so that you keep the hidden fields your secret, but i'll admit i did have one mining buddy... i think rez clarified accurately. i don't know the formulas that apply when you group to share xp. but more or less as he stated, it used to be like that here on the emulator too iirc but here there was not a level range cap so you had stupid power leveling. i do remember fondly every time i got new weapons on my PW in live going out and finding what i could kill easily for decent xp then getting as many level appropriate lowbies as i could from my guild or even just posting in market that a certain level range was welcome to join me for some fast and fun leveling, I met a couple friends/new guildies that way. ohh yeah and you're right Tienbau the job XP is on the high side and while i agree that convenience of combat locatoins is nice, it was not that way in live. E&B had fairly soft prompts to group but making the leveling easier was one way. soloing should always be at least a little harder. thinking about it more, i'm not even sure that it was a solid within 10 levels rule. it may have been that grouping within a certain % of your level was ok so that the higher the level you are the wider the range you can group... it's just been too long for me to remember clearly. that would still be somewhat discouraging at lower levels so i'm thinking you might need a base level range of 5 in either directoin that you could group, that would scale with level till you can do up to 10 at CL 50.
  13. while i know the current combat group XP system has been in place for a long time here in the emulator it was not the system used in live. i believe that it discourages people from trying to go out and find a combat group to level with, instead they'll do combat jobs that are significantly faster to level at than the current grouped combat system. i'm a little hazy on the exact range but i believe it was anyone within 10 CL's of you in live that you could group with and still get your full level appropriate group share. that may sound unclear, so for example, right now the highest CL in the group determines the XP everyone gets, so a CL 50 in a group determines what the XP is for the group and everyone gets that same ammount. instead of in live where yeah there was still a group split and bonus in place but you got your own personal level apropriate reward before that was factored. so a CL 41 grouped with a CL 50 would get great XP if they were killing CL 50-55 mobs together not just get the same as the CL 50 player. this was a great mechanic, in that people would constantly post their level and looking for groups and you'd hang out in the same areas and find pickup combat groups. instead we now constantly see "go to station X and do X level jobs", that is a solo system. the current system was put in place before jobs when you could make the argument that there were not enough people on at any given time to even find a combat group in your level range and so to encourage grouping it'd be nice to be able to group with anyone and still get a share. now even though there are only 100-200 people at any given time of day, we have many toons each, some with 3 accounts of toons, so it would not be unreasonable to immagine that you could indeed find a group in your level range and that that group could be more fun, interactiuve, and lucrative than the current jobbing system. i really don't remember anyone hanging out doing solo combat jobing in live, it was always better to be with friends, but as is you can go 1 jump in any direction of the station you get the job, make 6 kills in 15 min and get more xp than twice that time hunting. i think you should up the travel distance to more like 3 jumps away for combat jobs and enstate the combat level range system so that you could get help from other players to push past those last couple levels till new weapons, and well to recreate that culture of "lets go hunt together".
  14. [quote name='Gleek' timestamp='1306041236' post='41032'] Sorry, guys I was tiring to fix something and unfortunately the server crashed, and unfortunately this is still a stress test and these things happen, all the Dev's and Gm's along with Beta's are tiring to make it a better game for all players. So try to have a little patience with us. I did send a pm to Tienbau so im sure it will be restarted soon. [/quote] i know you guys take constant criticism, just keep in mind they are only so zealous because we all really do love this game. and though it isn't stated just read every outraged comment as an "I love you guys for trying so hard to bring back our shared addiction... i just want it faster :-p" thanks for the constant updates and attention you wonderfull unpaid volunteers you!
  15. [quote name='Riia' timestamp='1305987842' post='40990'] Hi Just a screenshot showing that "Reduce Warp Cost" buff did not have a 75% cap. [attachment=932:2004-01-30 ScreenShot360.jpg] Riia [/quote] like i've said my memory has its faults it has been a while since live, i'd believe a cap at the 90% shown there if you think that was correct. but the point is we still never hit 100% warp cost reduction under any circumstance like we can now with just a single device. in live i did personally have a max navigate JE that used level 9 devices and my warp cost though low was still something.
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