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Ballistic Sniper Remake?

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I'm wondering if this weapon can be tweaked a bit. Not saying make its dps that of a Bile launcher or Zet, type A.  Just... add something to it.

I think it is was a fun idea to add to the game, But is fairly uninspiring as it is.   Besides looking pretty awesome on the ship.


Some Suggestions, 

More Ammo types Explosive,plasma,etc. An increase Ammo stack size. This would be pretty huge to me.


Give one more postive Attribute to the item:

Scan Boost (Equip) Allows ship scanners to see 7500 units farther when equipped. POSTIVE

Increase Ship Signature (Equip) Gives a ship 50% more radar footprint when equipped. NEGATIVE


We could add in these or any number of postive effects.

Missle energy reduction-

boost missle range-

reduce device energy cost-

Reactor cap increase-


i wouldn't suggest anything to do with warp or thrust since the Terran scout has all of that on lockdown by L9 missles. As well as being on many items already used by Terrans.


I'd like to know what other Terran scouts think about this an to add some other options.


I don't want or think the item should be a Made to Live type weapon.....But i think Terran scouts deserve a lil bit more from our L9 Class specific weapon.

Edited by chamberlan

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Sounds like a nice idea, but expect that the Scout will get more class specific equipment over time.  I do think that stacks of 5 is very low, especially since Scouts cannot make their own ammo.  Remember that EA didn't develop any items specifically for the Scout, Seeker, or Privateer, so there's room for those classes to have more class specific items.  The MtL beam is a very nice beam, and the Gaze of Amah will be a nice addition to it for JEs, when the MCP comes around.  The Scout should get rewards for it as well, as the other 2 explorers get things.  Nice items for the other 2 explorers would already exist, given they were in the original game.  That's one place where the Terran Explorer should be brought up to speed, in my opinion.

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When this weapon was 1st introduced it was a gift from Santa. That was years ago then later it required a mission to get. I don't know if that is still the case. I was so disappointed in this weapon I tucked it away, along with the ammo I had made, into my vault and never tried to get another after the
p-wipe that took away my gifted one.

A complete rethink of this weapon rather than some tweaking would have to happen to make this launcher viable IMO. Not only is the ammo stack size way too low, but requires two pm/loot only comps. It also forces the TS to remain motionless for a very long time to activate.

Snipers IRL rely on stealth to get into position then kill with one very leathal shot, hence the term "one shot one kill". This weapon in no way meets that criteria.

I do look forward to some equipment specific to the Scout, but this isn't it. Sorry just my opinion.

If your gonna draw aggro like it does it better do a whole lot more damage per shot. Edited by cpwings

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Well from playing around with it..i seems you don't have to hold still anymore..i was able to fly around and fire as a normal missle....BUT its impact so i did nothing to the Tengu with it.

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