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How is the gameplay?

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Hi Everyone!
I've played EnB back in what was it, 2003-2004? Back before EA shut it down (burn in hell, EA!  :mad: ), and am very excited to try out this emulated version.

I was just wondering, how is the gameplay like? I remember that when I played, I quit at around... I think even before I got my lvl 50 hull upgrade, because the missions ended and there was nothing to do other than camp at job terminals and do those which was very very boring. 


So I'm wondering now how is the gameplay? Because I don't really want to get all excited and spend time on the game only to find out that later there is nothing but mind-numbing grind.

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There are a few rough edges, but in general, being a volunteer effort by the devs and the relatively small player base has made the community very different from that of Live and many of the loose ends left by Westwood and EA are being cleaned up.  You should load up a client and make a toon! Come bounce around and have some fun!

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In some ways it's like the original in other ways it's different.  The 3 classes that weren't around in the original game are here, you'll need the Character & Starship creator to make a Scout, Seeker, or Privateer.  Instructions for the new classes can be found here.


Building is a bit more difficult if you want to build things, you'll have to work up your quality on builds.  Fighting is about the same as  I remember it in the original game though currently mobs don't appear to resist debuffers.   Mining is similar, but here pop-rocks include any type of resource that can be mined (Crystal Asteroids & Gas Clouds didn't pop in the original game, they do now.  Glowing Asteroids may not have popped either, but not sure there)  Pop-rocks generally look different (discolored) from the regular resources of the same type & level (though it can be hard to tell, especially with gas clouds).  One other difference in mining between now and the original, there's a chance of successfully pulling the ore in this version of the game.  In the original pop-rocks always blew when you tried to mine them.  The explosions hit harder than in the original.  Loot tables on pop-rock mobs have been improved.


There are new sectors that weren't in the original, Paramis (Smuggler's Run), Neptune, Uranus, Pluto & Charon, Mercury, Venus, Ceres/Thule, Equatoral Earth, Mars Gamma, Ganymede (Sol),  Ishaun, Menorb, Nebiros (Castor), Margesi, Adriel Prime (Proxima Centauri), Altair III, Norstrand Vor, Norstrand Vor Planet (Altair), Moto (61 Cygni) are all new.  A few of those aren't open yet, such as Ceres/Thule, Nebiros, but will open in the future. 

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Of course, I understand. I did not mean to belittle all the hard work that everyone has done on the project. I'm very grateful that I have the chance to experience E&B once again. If I have offended anyone I apologize.

I was only wondering how far the project has come, and if it's more like the original game in terms of gameplay or if that was changed.

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Game play is very close to the original, with the exception of the 3 new classes 1 for each race.

New items for all the races and classes are being created, it seems like almost every Patch.


I may be just a little bias when it comes to the Jenquai race. :blush: Just a little.

But the Dev's and the Beta's have done an excellent job in engrossing the Jenquai player in the game.

Most of, if not all the missions seem to move along almost flawlessly.


For me casual play is much better than the race to get all my toons to 150.

I have been playing Progen  solo in disguises so I can find the race weaknesses, the reasoning is my own.

Because the DEVs and the Betas are doing this on there free time, for nothing more than a pat on the back or the Butt in Evermore's case (j/k) for anyone to expect there are strides that are leaps and bounds from what EA had, would be foolish. But I for one know that they we are only limited by our positive input, imagination and client.


I see you have a JE as your character profile, good your well on your way to a good and righteous start. :P

I am going to point you in the direction of the Jenquai Defender tactics walk through to further advance our Race and strength !


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