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Community for Roleplayers - Post your Character Bios!

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(Updated to address Private Channel issues)


Rather than muddy up the Roleplayer's Guild discussion even further I've decided to test the waters and see if there's any desire for a dedicated In-game Roleplayer's Community using a Private Channel. Getting an official chat channel would probably be difficult if not impossible due to the client needing modification and/or there won't be enough interest for the Dev's to put forth the effort in creating it.


Unfortunately I've come to find that Private Channels aren't persistent and are lost between either server reboots and/or people all exit the channel. So until there's an alternative I've decided to then create a loose Roleplayer's Community to help those of us who are looking for people who also are interested in keeping in character.


Why do we need a Roleplayers Community?


Cats. Ever try to stay in character for any length of time in the Public Chat Channels? It becomes an act of frustration where every topic gets derailed into something totally unrelated to the Earth and Beyond universe. Other times you'll run into those who are only interested in "WTB, WTT, LFG, RAID, WTF, BBQ, LOL-ing!!!one!1". Private /tells work up to a point as they only involve two parties. Get a few private conversations going and it becomes a juggling act trying to keep track of each one.


Additionally I feel that due to Real Life™ or having to break ties with another Guild people will shy away from joining an actual Guild dedicated to Roleplay. A Private Chat Channel would be better suited for both parties as it takes little to no effort to be involved and people will not have to sever ties to an existing community. These will have to be temporary but knowing who to contact and ask if they want to join in on a conversation helps immensely.


Great! So how do I join?


This will be a small community of characters (not players) where the characters can experience the game through their own perspective. With that in mind, we want to know about your character. For each character that you wish to be involved post a short biography here using Pakkrat's Blank Pre-Formatted Registration Dossier™ as an example:


[spoiler]<Race/Class Dossier header> e.g. Devout Followers of the Sha'ha'dem

Name: <toon's real name> or <toon's handle or designation>
Class: e.g. Explorer
Gender: male/female obviously
Homeland: Planetside or station-born, location and sector
Education: e.g. general education, specialist schooling, training, masteries, Doctorates, and merits/honors
Assigned duty: Where does the toon generally call home during their career?


Medical. e.g. A short synopsis of any physical, emotional, mental
details discovered as the toon began their career or while in
apprenticeship. Write from the viewpoint of the race or class leader,

Personality. e.g. A short synopsis of significant traits that
spiked in the toon's past causing the race/class leader to have the toon
apprenticed to that career. List both positive and negative traits
that stood out.

Social. e.g. How did the race/class leader see the toon's attitude
with their peoples, class, current affairs, other races and classes?
Keep it short and only detail spiking affinities and antipathies.

Skillset. e.g. Short and general. What skills did the budding
pilot chose? Group role? Affinity for Builds? Hunter? Trader? Doctor?
Wormhole Taxi driver? Future pirate? Warrior for the cause?

Career. e.g. Did the toon stay in line with what the race/class
mandates or did they branch out into freelance/free agent. Are they
true to the worldview of their race/class or did they take the education
and skills and strike out on their own in disgust? Can the race/class
bring the toon back into their fold?

Corporation/Affiliation. e.g. How does the race/class rate the toon in terms of their short- and long-term goals?

Loyalty. e.g. Is the toon still loyal to their source race and/or
class? Can the toon be won back into the fold or are they a lost cause?
Gone native? Gone pirate and never looked back? What is the toon's
favored Faction that they seem to be maxing out?

Secret Details: Include in this section anything that is secret and not
publicly known about the toon. Secrets that only the toon knows or
does not know about themselves. Hidden traits only spotted by the
race/class leader. Intrigues. (Nothing world-breaking or against canon;
keep it believable and attached to the overall metaplot.) e.g. "We
know this Scout has Psi blood and their abilities as a Psi have yet to
bloom. Watch them carefully. They may have to be sent to registry and
off to the mines of Aganju."

Tips: Remember that your roleplay toon is special. A cut above the
rest. That's why they were chosen to represent their race/class.
DeWynter doesn't hire AFK-bots or vault mules. Kethrada doesn't want
unthinking and unfeeling devotees. Ariad wants the go-getters. Var
doesn't tolerate weakness. Vinda despises stupidity. Give the
race/class leader something they can grasp onto and think "I can use
this one." Conversely, remember the human element. These are not
demigods. They are mortal and can be hurt. They are just as vulnerable
to the Delete Button.[/spoiler]


Once we figure out the Chat solution you'll be notified... Soon™


Until then feel free to converse in character to anyone opting into the Community. I know myself or Pakkrat won't turn down an opportunity to Roleplay with someone looking for the same. Also use the Roleplayer's forum here to strike up a conversation, post a report, or even write up some fiction dealing with the EnB Lore.


About the Community


We're in a period of time in the Earth and Beyond universe called the Crystal Age. Granted there are some post-war tensions between the major factions the community at large is at peace. Taking Pakkrat's suggestion of Sol Security in the Crystal Age I'd like to model that as the theme. Registered pilots can converse and meet on common and shared grounds free from the burdens or racial strife their class may impose on them. While racial interactions are encouraged, please keep it respectful... We don't want another Gate War.


Stealing Pakkrat's bandwidth at Net-7 SOL, this is Zyrith Skye... Now how do I turn off the transmi-*static*

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To get things started I'll post my characters here:

Zyrith Skye

Updated: 21MAR2013
[spoiler]-Begin Transmission-

Sky's the Limit

Name: Zyrith Skye
Class: Sabine Versatile
Current Rank: Pedagogue
Inception Date: (Encrypted: classified Sabura Project, under article SP-Vind)
Iteration Tree: (Encrypted: First Generation Hybrid Sabine-Sabura Genome classified Sabura Project, article SP-Vind)
Gender: Female (Encrypted: Beta Caste classified Sabura Project, article SP-Vind)
Homeland: Porvenir Mons, Endriago Planet
Education: Advanced placement in Psychology, Astronomy, Astrology, and Metallurgy(Refining); 3rd Dan Black Belt Progen "Aikido" Equivalent; Distinguished Graduate of Arx Spartoi Reclaimers School; Certified Flight Instructor of Sabine Starships.
Assigned Duty: Freelance. Sentinel has taking an interest in exploring the galaxy after being placed under Probation (See Tribunal Case File #47-2365) in Endriago sector.


Medical. First stable iteration of genome after period of growth into adulthood (about 20 years equivalent). Subject appears to be in prime physical condition despite only reaching 5'0" in stature. Extremely lithe and athletic with heightened perception and quick reaction time. Mental evaluation shows extreme mood swings possibly due to the Empathy enhancements in the Frontal Cortex: tends to get nervous or frustrated in crowded places. Label: Manic-Depressive. Cybernetic enhancements include: eyes (adjustable low-light, telescopic, and microscopic vision), muscle enhancements (strength, endurance, fine motor control), skeletal enhancements (bone reinforcement).

Personality. Extremely curious. Has an innate ability to read people and determine their motives. Seems to mesh well in mixed groups with similar mindsets. Uses her looks and charm to sway others. Label: Social Butterfly. Extremely intelligent and aloof. Has an extreme fear of death (Encrypted: Vinda's note: Perhaps too extreme for final Sabura genome). Mood swings show there could be a flaw in genetic matrix (See Medical), currently under observation.

Skill-set. Shows a high aptitude in survival, combat, and piloting skills. Extreme curiosity makes the Sentinel an excellent candidate for exploration. Despite having the genetic ability, the Sentinel has very little desire in crafting.

Career. Assigned to Reclamation duty after three counts of assault in the first degree. Her erratic behavior and wild mood swings make her unreliable in any official capacity. If the Sentinel could be controlled somehow she could make an excellent covert agent.

Affiliation. Despite lacking a desire of trading and crafting she recently associates herself among a freelance Guild of Traders: Builders Inc.. She seems to enjoy the social banter from those behind the trade channels.

Republic Loyalty Degree: Loyal to the Sabine Order and Progen Republic. Is proud to be a Sabine but dislikes authority. Questions all orders. Does not harm innocents.

-For Vinda's Eyes Only-

-Encrypted with Hex^64 cypher-

-Decode Vinda-16 Alpha-


First iteration of Sabine-Sabura Hybrid Alpha code named 'Naamah' a success after multiple inception and incubation failures. A physically perfect specimen despite her small frame (Note: Unsuitable for Centuriata
insertion/infiltration). Re-designated iteration as Sabine and inserted into Arx Spartoi for Sentinel training despite warrior gene programming. The odd mix of genes seem to be conflicting as shown by her manic-depressive state, require further observation of Sentinel to see how she progresses and if it can be treated.

Vinda's Note: "I am disappointed that the Sabine-Sabura Hybrid genome turned out to be so mentally unstable. Trying to keep her under observation is difficult as I believe she's beginning to suspect being watched. During her Probation she has escaped Endriago sector multiple times thwarting guards and her observers through subversion and persuasion. If only I can find a way to keeping her under control she can be of some use to me."

-End Encryption-

-End Transmission-[/spoiler]

Edited by Zyrith
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[attachment=2479:Pakkrateus.jpg]Registering 1 of 3 Roleplaying characters, (the other two being Pakkratius and Pakkrat.)

Progen Privateer designated Pakkrateus
Homeland: Olympus Mons, Mars
Education: Arx Bursa, Mars Gamma, (still under construction, see article AB-031)
Inception Date: (classified Collegia, under article CO-112)
Iteration Tree: third generation Pakkrat Master Genome (classified Sabine, under article SA-Vind)
Gender: Male, Alpha caste
Current assigned residence: tour of duty based out of NET-7 SOL

Special Notes: Medical. Pakkrateus, though his iteration seems stable, suffers from a mild form of Methuselah's syndrome. Though the youngest of the detected (so far) iterations of the Pakkrat Master Genome, this Collegia Privateer appears to have aged faster than the previous iteration and the original Terran, Pakkrat.

Career. The Privateer refuses to enlist with Agrippa Technology program early in his career for reasons unknown. Will attempt to recruit him post OL 135.

Skill Concentrations: Pakkrateus seems to have inherited more of the economic aggression traits of the Pakkrat Master Genome in that he has, for his own reasons, focused his attentions to haggling through Negotiation. Though his vessel class seems capable, the Privateer refuses to engage in combat unless provoked. His bio suggests a curiosity in crafting system, but no clear concentration detected.

Assets: The Privateer's selections of skills suggest he prefers support roles, due to his early selection of support skills. Will conduct tests to see if Pakkrateus favors groups or not.

Republic Loyalty Degree: Dutiful citizen, not too given to immediately volunteer for tours in the name of the Republic. Seems equally given to freelance activities across the greater Progen Republic Factions.

-For Vinda's Eyes Only - Encrypted with Hex^64 cypher.....decode Vinda-16 Alpha. Accessing: The Sabine Order suggests activating this sleeper mole agent sooner due to the onset of Methuselah's Syndrome. Operative may not be viable beyond a decade or so. Vinda has final authorization to 'awaken' this pawn. See article VA-09 for conditions. Should the Collegia discover Pakkrateus' true function, recommend immediate Reclamation.

-End Transmission-[/spoiler]

Edited by Pakkrat
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[spoiler]NET-7 SOL Correspondent Roster

Name: Dr. Pakkratius
Class: Progen Sabine Sentinel Versatile
Gender: Male
Homeland: Arx Prima, Mars Beta, Sol
Education: Advanced placement in Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, Genetics, minors in Human History and Journalism; Doctor of Call Forward; Graduate of Agrippa Technologies in Device and Shields systems
Assigned duty: Headquartered at NET-7 SOL, Sol system as a Net-7 Reporter and field correspondent; Doctor's house calls frequently when on journalism assignments


Medical. A successful Progen matrix iteration from the so-called "Pakkrat Master Genome" (details classified, see article PA-*glitch*). Subject is a prime specimen of Sabine Order genetic engineering, meeting all pre-set criteria by class leader Vinda. No physical, emotional, or mental aberrations detected.

Personality. Curious and intuitive, the subject shows a willingness to reach out to other castes and races. Very high attention and listening skills. Label: Explorer. A Doctor's objectivity mixed with creative license of a journalist. Possible leakage of Sabine Order sensitive materials detected. A subtle guidance to maintain the Order's confidentiality may be in order.

Social. Objective and curious. His racial pride lends him some bias to the Republic. Enjoys the attention of others, (recent auditions for anchorperson for Net-7 News), but shows more willingness to listen and journal his discoveries, interviews, and research. Small antipathy for Jenquai race, though if asked, he does not say why this trait is so.

Skillset. Mediocre devotion to crafting of Shields, but a higher placement of interest in Devices. The subject goes on to advertise, in a loud and vulgar manner, his freelance services of the Call Forward interpolation processes. Label: Loudmouth. Eager to form groups and take on group roles disliked by other castes and races. Favors exotic locales as a Sabine and explorer.

Career. Shows remarkable motivation for his career and pride in his class. Some pride in his employment with Net-7 News. Breaks with tradition in that he has set up a Doctor's office at NET-7 SOL rather than an Arx or Mons station. Disliked by anchorwoman Zona Mason at NET-7 SOL.

Corporation/Affiliation. Thus far, Vinda seems satisfied with the Sabine Sentinel and his work as a Reporter, but she has yet to produce any statement of merit or distaste. Recommend further study of the subject's desire to learn by environment over selected vault-traits from iteration bank.

Loyalty. His loyalty is to the Sabine Order, to the Republic (tainted with idealism), and yet remains objectively neutral in his role as a Reporter for Net-7 News. Is this a conflict of interest? Seems to value the errant Collegia Forgemasters Faction. (Is he aware of his younger gene brother, Pakkrateus?)

Secret Details: (Encrypted Nidus^4 cypher......password: bishop -Hail, Vinda-....."I am quite happy, though I cannot say so in closed company or in public at how well the 'Pakkrat Master Genome' is coming along. The Terran Trader donor, as far as I've heard, still sleeps, oblivious to his clone sons' work for me. Though the Privateer seems to have an axe to grind, I am pleased for now.")

-End of Line.[/spoiler]

Edited by Pakkrat
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Well that's unfortunate... I just found out that private chat channels aren't persistent. We may have to hold off on this idea until either a guild is formed or another chat solution becomes available.


Keep posting your bios however. It'll be good to know who we can talk in character to should our paths cross.

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Serena 'Serendipity' Hall J.D.

Updated: 22MAR2013

[spoiler]You did remember to ask for a receipt right?

InfinitiCorp Employee Name: Serena 'Serendipity' Hall J.D.
Employee Number: TT2058-12181 (Terminated by request, separation date: xxxxxx)
Employment Status: Terminated
Position: Accountant, Accounts Payable
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Homeland: New Edinburgh, Tau Ceti System
Education: Mathematics, Statistics, Terran Law, SolSec Law, Sociology, minor in Economics; Juris Doctor (J.D.) University of New Edinburgh, SolSec Bar License #3124659
Current work sector: Law office at Friendship 7 Station, Glenn System


Medical. Suffers from Acute Astigmatism and 20/40 vision requiring the use of corrective lenses. Dr Hall refuses to undergo any form of corrective ophthalmology.

Personality. Shrewd and to the point. Dr Hall despises stupidity and people wasting her time. Time is money and to her, everything has a price. Has a dislike for men. "Boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive." Label: Feminist. Enjoys the finer things in life. Has gone to voice training to curb her New Edinburgh accent.

Career. Employed at InfinityCorp as an Accountant. Once passing the SolSec Bar Exam she left InfinitiCorp to start her own Law Office at Friendship 7. Got the nickname 'Serendipity' after amassing a small fortune by playing the Terran Intergalactic Stock Market. She always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

Skillset. Focused primarily on Negotiation at an early point in her career. Has in interest in Support skills and also in multiple areas of manufacture. Still too early in her career to see any firm direction.

Corporation/Affiliation. Despite her request for termination, COO DeWynter can't help but to admire Dr Hall's tenacity and her ability to get things done.

Corp loyalty. Her loyalty will always go to the highest bidder. Dr Hall will follow agreements or contracts to the letter. She expects debts to be paid in full and on time. Has started to gain influence with the Tongs and has defended in court multiple Red Dragon clients.

"She has all the traits that I desire in an employee... Cunning, resourcefulness, wit, intelligence... I do find it very peculiar however that this telepath has been able remove any trace of her psionic abilities from the registry. Does she not know that I know? Such a powerful bit of information to hold over anyone's head of her status. Do not cross me 'Serendipity' or your lady-luck will end." -DeWynter
--End Encryption--[/spoiler]

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(Reader's Advisory: this entry contains PG-13 material.)
by Pakkrat

Wolfsdottir "Dot"

Race: Jenquai
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown, but estimated in the latter Gate War conflict, during Jove City occupation and before armistice
Homeland: Ashanti Maru medical bay (after falling back to Europa from Jove City)
Class: Jenquai Defender
Sub-sect: Kaojin-Kokura (unconfirmed, see article KK-11 classified)
Current Duty Assignment: Shinwa deserter, whereabouts unknown. Wanted by the Shinwa and sought by Sabine Order Reclaimers (article SR-071 classified and encrypted)

Medical. (article classified and encrypted Okami^9.....password: wolf....Accessing: Subject is a product of a Jove City woman's rape by a male Progen Dog Soldier during the Gate War. The mother misrepresented the fetus' lineage, thus the child was born en route to Swooping Eagle, Sirius via Europa aboard the Ashanti Maru. At a compact and wiry 5'1", the female displayed during physicals a heightened strength and agility. Partial color-blindness detected, (red-green variation). Psych eval revealed a deficiency in mental and social skills. While the child shows almost prodigy-level placement in all martial disciplines, social and academics have been below average. Label: Feral war-child. No emotional or mental pathologies detected at entry examinations.)

Personality. Though martially focussed, subject displays only a nihilistic disdain and animal-like ferocity. Uncontrollable temper tantrums in early development. (Encrypted Note- Is she aware of her true lineage?) Inquiries to mother and teachers have yielded silence. Subject shows antipathy for humanity in general. Suggest further study under extremely passive observation.

Social. Antisocial. Her use of language is clipped and guttural often using Jenquai slang and figures of speech. Keeps no journals or recordings. No group memberships or affinities detected.

Skill-set. Combat-oriented with extreme focus on Beam Weapons. Non-crafting. No social skills or displays of interactions with other pilots as of the time of this report. Recommend a mentor capable of unfolding this walled enigma.

Career. One mandatory term of Sev Tushnim, then resigned the Shinwa entirely, disappearing from Sirius. Suspect she was recruited by the Cenovar or the Kokura. Subject showed disdain for the Mordana. Label: Gone Native. It is doubtful that the Cenovar Warlocks could hold this one down for very long. They may have contacted her but were ignored or turned down.

Loyalty. None. AWOL deserter and possible pirate or terroristic activity. Warrant for arrest/capture. Affidavit-plea for leniency and reform by mother. Unlikely that the subject can be restored to Jenquarum loyalty.

-For Silva's Eyes Only-
Special notes. (Encrypted Okami^9 cypher....password: azure.....Accessing: "This is a prime example of the atrocities of the Gate War. This war-child hopefully can be saved and returned to the fold. I don't care what the report says. Find her. -Silva")
-End of line.[/spoiler]

Edited by Pakkrat
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(Very glad to see this! Just found this and was glad to see an RP community. Forgive me if I'm a bit rusty at RP...it's been a while :) )


InfintiCorp! Bringing technology to you!


InfinitiCorp Employee Name: Nyther LaFord
Employee Number: 775829-TR101
Employment Status: Active, on assignment
Position: Captain of "Integra" trade vessel
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Homeland: Zweihander Planet, Alpha Centauri
Education: General Education, no completed degree but took classes on psychology, xeno-psychology, business and marketing. Received high marks on navigation and maneuvering for pilot's license.
Assigned duty: Varies due to assignment; current port of call Somerled Station, New Edinburg, Tau Ceti.


Medical: Though of sound health, he has a complete personality change upon being asked to chart new areas of space without an escort. Will get extremely defensive if questioned about said fear and will refuse to continue mission if combat seems likely. Unknown at this time why he has this fear. Psychological evaluation pending.


Personality: Generally easy-going and laid back, with a strong manipulative streak. While helpful and outgoing, he seems to be very focused on the mission and profit margin. Unless faced with a combat situation as described above, expect him to be charming and friendly.


Social: Adapted quickly to InfinitiCorp "culture". Will usually be helpful and polite to others, but all the while will try to swing a deal more in his favor. Has been reported more than once for attempting to cheat Jenquai in trade deals. Almost always requests Centuriata escorts into hostile space.


Skillset: Excellent business and negotiation skills. Has shown marked interest in the building of devices, components, and shields. Has solid grasp of hull repair and maintaining shields under pressure, with signs of continuing improvement.


Career: Showed great ability to make a profit soon after being hired. Has been assigned to seek out possible new trade routes and areas where InfinitiCorp could set up a new foothold. It was the right choice to take a risk on him, despite his lack of education.


Corporation/Affiliation: Agent of InfintiCorp. In the short term, has proved to be a valuable asset to the company. If he continues in this manner, DeWinter herself remarked he would be an executive by the time he was 35.


Corporation Loyalty: Strong. It is apparent that while he seeks his own profit first, he realizes the best profit is to be made carrying out corporation directives. Will be considered for higher risk missions in the future. It seems if he is properly incentivized, there is very little he can't accomplish.


Misc. Notes: ***CLEARANCE LEVEL IV*** Under no circumstances whatsoever is he to be deployed in a high risk situation without considerable protection. He is the last of his line, and the information he has may surface at some point. ANY change in personality habits must be immediately reported to HR with code TB-779B21.

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Posted with permission, after some editing and augmentation. Note, I do not confirm that the ShadowWalker is a roleplayer, (even though he did approach this Reporter once or twice in-character). The following bio is for entertainment of the reader and reflects nothing of the player.

History of the ShadowWalker
by ShadowWalker

As with most Shinwa, the ShadowWalker began his training as a warrior at a very early age. Quickly mastering most tasks set before him, he gained the attention of his instructors as well as his peers, sometimes with less than desired ends. Combined with an almost arrogant-like confidence, he was quickly branded as a would be know-it-all.

It was only during his tour during the Gate War that Shadow's talents and confidence were truly tested to their very limits. Under the command of Ken'Shao Reacher, he quickly made a name for himself that would honor is family for centuries to come. "Shadow" became Reacher's right hand... his number-one assassin. When the mission had little-to-no margin for error and there would be the most minimal windows of opportunity, Shadow was sent. True to his calling, he never returned home with failure on his report. Less than a year after Ken'Shao Reacher stepped down from his position in the Shinwa, ShadowWalker was promoted to the rank of Ken'Shao and continued to serve the Jenquai proudly. Following nearly a decade of service and sacrifice, the ShadowWalker grew increasingly frustrated by the political binds that tied his hands & prevented swift action to what he perceived as threats to his people. He left the Shinwa without so much as a word beyond "consider this my retirement" and left to gather new perspective on his life and to listen for the universe's call once again. During this time of reflection, the ShadowWalker decided to make the most of his second passion... weapons. Even during his earliest days of training, he had an uncanny knack for the inner workings of weapon systems, spending most of his free time dismantling and reassembling both his personal weapons and those used by his ship. In a short order, the name ShadowWalker became known across the galaxy by all as the go-to person for weapons if only the best would do.

It was through these actions that he crossed paths once again with his former commander and mentor Ken'Shao Reacher. It was when Reacher arrived to pick up a recent order of Pitbull plasma beam weapons that Shadow discovered his mentor had also parted ways with the Shinwa due to his own problems within the Jenquarum. Much to Reacher's surprise, he noticed the weapons crate he expected to find, bearing his name, was not to be found. Where it should have been sitting was an annodized black metal case with no descriptive writings... only the symbol that he once wore as the commander of the Shinwa. When Shadow bade him open it, Reacher could only stand in awe as he gazed upon the glimmering tools of justice he believed to be only a myth... Defender's Prides. Reacher noticed that prideful grin on Shadow's face that had gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion as he asked, "Where?.. How??? did you get your hands on these?" to which Shadow laughed and simply replied, "I have contacts now that you wouldn't believe even if I told you and by the way, that special item you requested arrived last night and is being loaded into your ship's cargo now. I must warn you though, it carries some of the most paranoid fail-safes I've ever seen. Once assembled it will only operate for your DNA sequence and you must assemble it yourself. I hope you didn't skimp on the emerald." Pleased at the sound of this, Reacher reached over the counter to pay for his purchase and to shake the hand of his old friend when Shadow stepped around the corner and embraced his former commander as he would his own father, "Your money doesn't spend here old friend."

After a brief exchange of pleasantries the two parted company once again, but certainly not for the last time... something in Shadow's mind told him, warned him, that the call he was waiting for would be here sooner rather than later... and Reacher was the one person alive he wouldn't dare disappoint... (again)

---Classified and Encrypted---

The Hour of The Reaping: -Classified Eyes Only- The history books recorded the event as one of the worst docking bay accidents of our time, but that was the official version. Known only by those directly involved and those of the highest authority within the Shinwa ranks was a very different story. Until now the ShadowWalker's missions had been one-man operations, but today there would be another along for the show.

A much younger Shinwa with exceptional potential and top notch scanning and surveillance skills was included. The mission seemed simple at first. A well timed explosive device was to be placed on the Terran vessel's docking collar, shaped in such a way so that only the targeted ship would be effected and the pilot instantly killed. Ideally, even the Observatory itself should receive nothing more than some chipped paint. "Shadow" always loved missions where he could show off his precision with pressure sensors and shaped charge detonations, a living, breathing perfection of performance.

Then the young Shinwa assistant quickly sent a message to Shadow informing him that the configuration of the Terran ship wasn't entirely accurate to the reports and that the abort should be activated. Shadow, believing he had compensated for every possible variable, elected to proceed on mission. He had never returned to his commander with failure on the table and he wasn't about to start then. Knowing something was wrong, the young Shinwa raced towards the the docking collar to disarm it. However, within seconds the ship docked and the explosive charge vaporized the front half of the ship killing the pilot, nine civilians and the young Shinwa operative instantly.

Although the target was eliminated and the true facts covered up, this was something that would haunt the ShadowWalker for years to come. He soon discovered that in the eyes of Reacher, success of this kind was worse than failure of any kind. Days later, while Shadow was preparing to resign his rank, something stopped him cold in his tracks... The silent hand of Reacher on his shoulder as he said "Come with me son." The details of that conversation are unknown, but Shadow was never the same man again. He had been humbled and was all the better for it.
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Great to see that there are some people that enjoy a good RP time.  :-)

Here is the Bio for one of my characters.  Hope to see you guys out there!


***Registering New Pilot.  Connection Established.***


Anticipate the Future!
Name:  Dr. Drak'Nir Hiraku-Daisuke
Class:  Explorer
Gender:  Male
Homeland:  Aboard vessel  Bodaina Chishiki, Kailassa
Education:  Ph.D. Physics (focus on dimensional anomalies); B.S. Chemistry; received training as a botanical assistant (no formal degree)
Assigned duty:  Moved to Xipe Totec due to anomaly interest
Medical - Physical Evaluation:
Drak'nir Hiraku-Daisuke is of thin stature. No diseases or allergies.  Subject is slightly underweight, recommend dietary regemine with increased caloric intake.
Medical - Psychological Evaluation:
Subject shows extreme mental acuity towards abstract philosophies and natural anomalies.  Subject shows moderate passive-aggressive tendancies, especially when asked to take part in "mindless" combat.  Subject seems to see combat as a necessary evil and would take place in it if exploration and knowledge are the primary driving forces behind it.
Friendly, always willing to lend a helping hand to all races.  Believes that all races can live in harmony since all came from the same life force.  Tends to stray off mission guidelines due to his inquisitive nature.  Fighting would not be his first choice in any situation but he would stand up for his friends and himself if provoked.
He prefers not to be called 'Doctor' despite his credentials. Inquisitive and friendly, engaging in discussion ranging from dimensional distortion to what food was served on Jove's Fury.
Having great interest in dimensional and spatial anomolies, Mr. Hiraku-Daisuke specializes in short and long distance instantaneous space/time travel and environmental protection.  Said interest also influences his growing capability in combat evasion and, if provoked, stealth combat tactics.  Though Sha'ha'dem vessels contain greater offensive capability, subject desires to remove shield leeching emitters to further increase evasive abilities.
Generally follows the path of the Sha'ha'dem, peace and knowledge through exploration.  Desiring to further the Sha'ha'dem and the Jenquai, he conducts research on dimensional anomalies and quantum particle manipulation.  
His growing capability as an explorer is being observed with anticipation.  Though Merjan Kathrada and the Jenquarum have expressed uneasiness for his openess to other philosophies, they see his transdimensional research as valuable toward understanding the ancient gates and the beings that would travel through them.
Although loyal to the Sha'ha'dem, he keeps and an open mind to the views of others within the Jenquai race.  He is reserved when around terrans and progens but is typically willing to hear them out, believing that all have something to contribute toward the growing knowledge of the universe.
Secret Details:
[Encrypted information...KJBiubiyuGBVIovbiuyvbil...iljBLhb9988ublhb99g...xxxxxxxxxxxxx...Access Granted] 
We cannot lose this one to those political hippies.  Though he does not agree with our methods, he is a valuable asset to us...  He is loyal to us now, however his over inquisitive nature coupled with his open mind toward the other races does not bode well for us.  If he would walk from the Sha'ha'dem we will have to get the oth **HHhvbhiIbhhihbYIVvi87gu798G876fvg**
[Invalid data decryption sequence, remaining data destroyed]
***Registration Received. Connection Terminated.***
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***Dossier access attempt 13 of 20 ... Granted.
Security clearance verification ... Master clearance verified.
Record available. 
"Man is at his most bright where space is the most dark."
Name: Yan "Vantrin" Ti-Rin-Xu
Class: Sha'ha'dem 
Current Rank: Initiate
Gender: Male
Homeship: Research Vessel Auriga Maru, Outer orbit of Capella
Education: Educated via standard video instruction and focused deep research tutoring. Formally recognised by Heirate Collegia as Mastery in: Astrocartography, Geological Sciences and Galaxy-band Wave Communications. Recognised Degree in Archaeological Art - Earth.
Assigned duty: Officially, research scout for Capella. Presently on Heirate instruction as broad investigator with no jurisdiction for an indefinite period.
Medical. Given the current and ongoing deep-space research of the Auriga Maru and generational cultivation of said research, subject is well suited to Sha'ha'dem duty. The sheltered existence and propensity for the Auriga to cloak quickly and often has impacted fight-or-flight response. Not suited to combat roles or situations. Cloaking training suggested as primary defense, but observe for changes; exposure to personal dangers may encourage the fight response.
Personality. Subject is notably patient and introspective. Takes a long and measured view when assessing, moreso than even your usual Jenquai. Subject does not react quickly to new situations - but adapts effective strategies once familiar. Introspection may cause subject to be swayed by non-Jenquai influences. Continue monitoring progress and ensure sympathy for fallen Jenquai is brought to mind.
Social. Subject is inquisitive and eager to know more and be at the furthest edges. Also understands the importance of sharing information gleaned. May work best in joint ventures where sensitive information is likely to be shared anyway. Subject does not suffer fools, but is not afraid to unbutton his collar and share in jokes or frivolities. Empathy may be too strong - test responses indicated subject would sooner hide than harm a sentient hostile entity.
Skillset. Subject showed no enthusiasm for equipment construction beyond the day-to-day repair and maintenance of solo-pilot starships. Excels when discovering far-off locations and prospecting. Clearly intends to develop cloaking understanding. High empathy in subject would suggest they will develop the jumpstarting of damaged craft and ferrying via wormholes.
Career. Subject is typical of Jenquai, but loyalty may be difficult to tether in a way the Heirate may approve of. Early interaction and bonding on the Auriga Maru with a Terran who worked on a short term experiment caused the subject to favor this interaction's bastardisation of his name, to the point he prefers the nicknam now. Despite this aberration, the subject is notably of the mindset of an explorer. The concept of being the first or one of few in a dark place is when subject is in their element. Monitor for signs of disgruntlement at what subject perceives the Heirate or ones they trust would keep secret from people in general.
Affiliation. Subject is likely to excel with the Sha'ha'dem. They see the form and spirit of the universe when gathering or refining resources and minerals, and the body and action of it when surrounded by rock and star.
Loyalty. Subject shows no worrying signs of deviation from Jenquai support. They have no love for lawlessness or bloodshed, and the pursuit of knowledge and development of humanity by searching is deeply in the subject's psyche.
Please enter security clearance code two ... Master clearance granted.
Secret Details: In the event Heirate and other leaders of the Jenquai stagnate or forget what drove Ben Joseph to form what the Jenquai are today, they have ensured there remain some who devote themselves to the study and watching of things. The subject is not worryingly disloyal nor to be distrusted - his presence will help to ensure the Jenquai remain a race that looks to the stars and sees not their own magnificence and accomplishments, but what there is yet to do. While the atrocitites of the Gate War were truly atrocities, does that mean the militarisation of the Jenquai? What would Ben Joseph say?
End of Record.
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[attachment=2881:Scout Camhanach.jpg]This character is part of my story-toon cast but is strong enough to stand on her own after the opening of Aquitaine and its sector Ardus.



HYPERIA - Exploring the Galaxy

Name: Cealleach Camhanach callsign: Daybreak
Class: Scout
Gender: Terran female
Homeland: Bishopgate, New Edinburgh, though her parents emigrated at her earliest age to the desert world of Gamma Sulani, (Epsilon Sulani IV, home of the Frontier League colonies)
Education: standard education, honors in propulsion engineering, advanced technology, Astrogation, Astrophysics. Doctorate in Probability and Statistics. Parents were minimally religious, stressing Cause and Effect awareness. Extra-curricular computing (suspect teenage hacking, see file TS-12)
Assigned duty: Ardus Prime sector, Aquitaine


Medical. Born to a family of Scottish Highlands descent purported to stretch back to Earth's Stonehenge tribes, Scout Camhanach is of normal build and stature. No physical health issues detected. Lineage suggests possible crossover with Psionic bloodlines. Psych-eval found no presence of psionics at childhood. Retested at adolescence. Slight near-sightedness requiring correction; however patient refused corrective laser surgery. Corrective Astral Glass lenses option.

Personality. Though given excellent opportunities at youth, subject has slight criminal record for illegal hacking. Her desire to probe many theatres of exploration, from cyberspace to deep space. (Label: Rebel teen.) To aid her exploratory lifestyle, subject shows favor for excessive speeds in any vehicle. Traffic citations record found, (terrestrial and orbital controlled space). She turned down employment with InfinitiCorp and accepted a Scout position within the GETCo - Hyperia partnership.

Social. Though a rebel at youth, the subject has settled down and matured into a calculating and analytical perfectionist. Willing to work with other Terrans and somewhat with Progen. Marked apathy for her Jenquai counterpart, the Explorers.

Skillset. Cealleach Camhanach has taken her youthful developed skills of computer system penetration, (see Hacking file THX-1138 -encrypted-), anomaly adaptation (see Nullfactor Field Application file NF-100 -classified-). Subject shows a marked desire for speed and breaking warp barriers and records. She is not known to sacrifice her Tech skills in favor of Scout-specific skills.

Career. Subject has chosen to work for Hyperia despite offers from InfinitCorp and EarthCorps, stating that she prefers the rim systems and sectors. Spends her time surveying belts of asteroids for signs of the so-called Ancient technologies which puts her in direct competition with the Sharim, the Sha'ha'dem and the Sabine Order but without the religious fanaticism or sense of racial duty.

Corporation/Affiliation. Her affiliation with Hyperia is healthy and she seems to enjoy working for GETCo's subsidiary to the extent that she is given the edge of Terran space and its colonies to explore. Not one to tap for corporate tasks of metropolitan sectors, (Label: Trailblazer).

Loyalty. Upon interview, the subject expressed a dissatisfaction with the Ramirez Codes and the segregation of Terran Psis. Shows no fear of interacting with the Terran psionic phenomena despite the new discoveries of mundane Terrans infected with Landauer Syndrome. Willing to interact with the Psis peacefully, she knows she will not be easily welcomed by the registered 'Gifted'. Subject states she is willing to win their friendship over to GETCo despite the Ramirez Codes' mandates. Deeply despises the two outbreaks of Psionic Suppressions in Terran history.

Secret Details: Majestic Group's PsiDev and its trained Psions (Psis who work for EarthCorps instead of registered InfinitiCorp workers at Xai Xai station in Aganju, 61 Cygni) suspect that the subject may also be 'Gifted' but so far leads have turned up no indications of psionic capability, (see file PSI-9101...Nova^9 encrypted...password? >enigma...accessing> "We know this Scout has Psi blood and their abilities as a Psi have yet to bloom. Watch her carefully. She may have to be sent to registry and off to the mines of Aganju if we can't have her." - PsiDev Director.
(file HYP-451...Nova^9 encrypted...password? >sublimation...accessing> "This one, Psi-capable or not will not go quietly to be registered. We need her on our team, not some slave to InfinitiCorp should she bloom with the 'gift'. Take all precautions to keep this one safe from the Majestic Group of EarthCorps as well." -Loric de Grey)

Role-play Tips: Camhanach can be played as a cross between Lara Croft and Tank Girl. She is intelligent and yet has a secret fear that she will evidence psionics despite her desire to befriend the strange Psis. It is this fear that will push her over the line and cross the mandates of the Ramirez Codes. Yet, by some miracle unknown to her, she will stay one step ahead of the Majestic Group and their Psions.

Edited by Pakkrat
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I copy-pasted this entry from another sub-Forum so as to be included in the dossiers list.



INFINITICORP - Bringing technology to you!

InfinitiCorp Employee Name: 'Pakkrat' (birthname not submitted on hire, investigation pending)
Employee Number: TT1298-4576
Position: Trader
Gender: Male
Homeland: Earth, North America
Education: Standard (no meritus, advance placement, acheivements)
Current work sector: Merchant Q-ship, location variable

Details: Medical. The Pakkrat has recently been revived from a cryostasis coma of extended and estimated duration. Though restored to full health, psych eval has yet to reveal any mental damage. Small, unidentified puncture wound found on upper extremity and intruding to the humerus marrow. Details unknown (see file PA-44, encrypted). Scans cleared him of quarantine and fit for standard employee status.

Personality. InfinitCorp standard with marked spikes of survival, greed, resourcefulness, and a blatant disregard for authority and chain of command. Label: Loose cannon. Recommend observation and passive career guidance. Independent and self-sufficient traits. Due to Medical (see above), employee is not recommended for promotion at this time. Presents a corporate security risk and flagged for such.

Career. Pre-Gate War employee given standard education and pilot's license. Experienced in pathfinding new trade routes, ship maneuvers, and support skill use. Re-activated for Q-ship duties alongside trade running. Attention: Retirement pension is excessive given the employee's length of cryostasis. Interest accrued may exceed typical employee ranges. (See taxation forms W-2 or 1099 for further details.)

Skillset. Though given plenty of opportunity to develop a craft, the Pakkrat has shown only an interest in Engines and excessive speed. His resume includes support skills that may aid in his new vessel's Q-ship transport design. Recommended for observation in groups for support efficiency.

Corporation. Under observation by executive order. Permitted 'freelance' license enforced by his lawyer and contractual bylaws.

Corp loyalty. Given his late revival from cryostasis, the Pakkrat's loyalty to race and employer is drastically reduced but may rebound with time. Until then, COO DeWynter has designated employee as "a loose cannon".

Note: (Encrypted cypher Nidus^4.....decode DeWynter: rat.....Accessing: "I want this rat watched closely. If he even twitches a whisker wrong, the EarthCorps has permission to terminate the employee." -DeWynter )   


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Shiava Morlin


-Access Level Epislon: Approved-

Name: Shiava Morlin
Class: Terran Scout
Gender: Female
Homeland: Zweihander Planet
Education: Masters in Astrophysics/Minoring in metallurgy
Assigned duty: Maragesi Station


Medical:  Shiava has shown to be physically fit with the exception of her favoring her right leg.  During a skirmish with a Progen ambush, Shiava’s right leg was impaled by a piece of her ship’s hull.  The shrapnel nearly severed her leg.  She did heal after the surgery and went through many months of physical therapy to regain the use of her leg again.  She does walk with a cane every so often as she does complain of pain in her leg.  She also at times seems to re-live the encounter, but this does not seem to have affected her duties. 

Personality:  Shiava is always alert.  She’s always ready to jump into action when called upon by the Hyperion Explorers.  Her willingness to help has saved many a stranded pilot and her ability to scout out dangerous areas has proven to be a boon to our organization.

Social:  Shiava holds little love for the Progen since the incident in the Akeron’s Gate sector.  But she seems to greatly enjoy talking with the Jenquai and working with the Sha’ha’dem Explorers.  Much to my delight, she holds no love or respect to Isabella DeWynter or InfiniCorp.

Skillset:  Shiava has been one of my top prospectors, finding the perfect mining location and getting the material back to us before DeWynter can send out her own people or contractors.  She also does wonders in refurbishing engines and rebuilding devices in her spare time.  Again, her ability to scout is paramount.

Career:  Shiava started out with EarthCorp and was, in Herrerra’s words, a top pilot and skilled in the use of her weapons systems.  She was also helpful in escort missions for InfinitiCorp before the fallout with Isabella DeWynter.  The Progen Ambush, as stated above, tried to capture what Isabella’s freighters were carrying and would have done so had Shiava not taken the time to follow her gut instinct and scout out the nav point closest to their route.  Shiava was badly injured and hospitalized but also blamed heavily by DeWynter for the “Hundreds of thousands of credits in property damage to her ships”.  Shiava was not afraid and fierce to point out that it was the lives she saved that meant more than her damned credits.  Admiral Herrerra, even though he commended Shiava, gave her to me because of her skills and knowledge and thought I would relish in a woman of her abilities.  And he was right.

Corporation/Affiliation:  I can see Shiava going very far within our organization.  She has expressed no desire to leave the Explorers and has more times than not, thanked us and myself for the new life we have given her.

Loyalty: Shiava has some loyalty to EarthCorp but that only seems to extend to the Admiral himself.  Her Loyalty to Hyperion is second to none.  We are proud to have her in our family.

Secret Details:

     “After years of investigation into Shiava’s past, there seems to be a discrepency that even she herself does not realize.  The reason for her closeness to the Jenquai and not the Progen is because her mother was one of the Jenquai and her father a Terran.  After the death of her birth father, and when Shiava was still a baby, her mother gave her daughter up for adoption to a Terran family.  Because of her Terran father, Shiava’s features were Terran enough to avoid facial reconstruction.  Her mother is of the Shinwa but has made no attempt to contact her daughter.  The why to this is unknown and I have run into nav blocks that won’t let me find the answer to that.  I won’t reveal this to Shiava.  Doing so could do irreparable damage to what’s already been done to her by the Progen.  She is a good woman and a solid scout.  Plus, she makes DeWynter’s life a living hell.”  - India Van Helkein-Navarre

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Name: Unknown
Nickname: ArmyHaunt
Occupation: EarthCorps fighter
Education: Quantum Engeneering at Sam's University of Technologies (University unknown)
Birthplace: Witberg
Claim to have worked at Tada-O and N-7, our record show no signs of those claims.
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"You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes."


Name: Kala bat Rafael aka Voidseeker
Class: Explorer
Gender: Female

Origin: Jove's Fury, Jupiter Sector
Education: Master's in Astrophysics, Doctorate in Astronomy (PhD thesis on gravity waves)
Assigned duty: Freelance. She has no official residence, although statistically she visits Jove's Fury more often than any other station.


Medical: While possessing below-average physical strength, Kala remains fairly physically fit. Nutritional supplements have limited the impact of growing up in an artificial gravity environment. Her visual acuity in particular is exceptional. She is well suited for a life in space.

Personality: Kala displays curiosity, fascination with space and distant places. More than once, she has expressed a desire to visit every planet in existence. She has a noted aversion to conflict, making her ill-suited for the Shinwa, and her brusque nature would make her a poor businesswoman. She has shown an interest in philosophy and self-reflection, likely the result of her religious upbringing (her father is a rabbi).

Social: Kala seems favorably inclined towards all. She enjoys making jokes at the expense of the Progen, but her only serious antipathy is towards InfinitiCorp, specifically with regards to their treatment of Psionics.

Skillset: Kala is a skilled prospector, sustaining herself primarily off of the sale of refined minerals. She has also become highly proficient in the creation of wormholes.

Career: Kala has followed a rather traditional path for a Sha'ha'dem. She wanders the universe, mines asteroids, and investigates strange phenomena.

Corporation/Affiliation: Kala shows great potential as an explorer. Her reports have displayed a considerable degree of scientific insight.

Loyalty: Kala remains loyal to the Jenquai Hierarchy and to the Sha'ha'dem. Beyond her own people, she has taken many missions with the Sabine, and a few with the Alliance.

Secret Details: Kala displays above-average psionic potential. This may explain some of her perceived social defects, and certainly explains her sympathy for the Psionics.

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