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  1. Shiava Morlin   -Access Level Epislon: Approved- Name: Shiava Morlin Class: Terran Scout Gender: Female Homeland: Zweihander Planet Education: Masters in Astrophysics/Minoring in metallurgy Assigned duty: Maragesi Station Details: Medical:  Shiava has shown to be physically fit with the exception of her favoring her right leg.  During a skirmish with a Progen ambush, Shiava’s right leg was impaled by a piece of her ship’s hull.  The shrapnel nearly severed her leg.  She did heal after the surgery and went through many months of physical therapy to regain the use of her leg again.  She does walk with a cane every so often as she does complain of pain in her leg.  She also at times seems to re-live the encounter, but this does not seem to have affected her duties.  Personality:  Shiava is always alert.  She’s always ready to jump into action when called upon by the Hyperion Explorers.  Her willingness to help has saved many a stranded pilot and her ability to scout out dangerous areas has proven to be a boon to our organization. Social:  Shiava holds little love for the Progen since the incident in the Akeron’s Gate sector.  But she seems to greatly enjoy talking with the Jenquai and working with the Sha’ha’dem Explorers.  Much to my delight, she holds no love or respect to Isabella DeWynter or InfiniCorp. Skillset:  Shiava has been one of my top prospectors, finding the perfect mining location and getting the material back to us before DeWynter can send out her own people or contractors.  She also does wonders in refurbishing engines and rebuilding devices in her spare time.  Again, her ability to scout is paramount. Career:  Shiava started out with EarthCorp and was, in Herrerra’s words, a top pilot and skilled in the use of her weapons systems.  She was also helpful in escort missions for InfinitiCorp before the fallout with Isabella DeWynter.  The Progen Ambush, as stated above, tried to capture what Isabella’s freighters were carrying and would have done so had Shiava not taken the time to follow her gut instinct and scout out the nav point closest to their route.  Shiava was badly injured and hospitalized but also blamed heavily by DeWynter for the “Hundreds of thousands of credits in property damage to her ships”.  Shiava was not afraid and fierce to point out that it was the lives she saved that meant more than her damned credits.  Admiral Herrerra, even though he commended Shiava, gave her to me because of her skills and knowledge and thought I would relish in a woman of her abilities.  And he was right. Corporation/Affiliation:  I can see Shiava going very far within our organization.  She has expressed no desire to leave the Explorers and has more times than not, thanked us and myself for the new life we have given her. Loyalty: Shiava has some loyalty to EarthCorp but that only seems to extend to the Admiral himself.  Her Loyalty to Hyperion is second to none.  We are proud to have her in our family. Secret Details:      “After years of investigation into Shiava’s past, there seems to be a discrepency that even she herself does not realize.  The reason for her closeness to the Jenquai and not the Progen is because her mother was one of the Jenquai and her father a Terran.  After the death of her birth father, and when Shiava was still a baby, her mother gave her daughter up for adoption to a Terran family.  Because of her Terran father, Shiava’s features were Terran enough to avoid facial reconstruction.  Her mother is of the Shinwa but has made no attempt to contact her daughter.  The why to this is unknown and I have run into nav blocks that won’t let me find the answer to that.  I won’t reveal this to Shiava.  Doing so could do irreparable damage to what’s already been done to her by the Progen.  She is a good woman and a solid scout.  Plus, she makes DeWynter’s life a living hell.”  - India Van Helkein-Navarre
  2. Howdy all.        So I'm here playing Earth and Beyond (and loving it being back in such great old haunts) and I'm finding myself in need of a place to call home.  Some might remember my Progen Sentinel named Shadowmistress from the Pegasus server (I feel old just remembering that old server :lol: ).  Well, I'm not sure the kind of guilds around.  I just started perusing the forums here.  But I wouldn't mind joining a roleplaying guild if there is one.  If not a small tight knit guild would be good enough for me.  My PS's name is Teraka in game.  Good to be back and see everyone!   Teraka Progen Sentinel
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