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Terminal Windows In Game Lock Up

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Is someone gonna get the ball rolling on this? I have locked my self up 3 times in a row, one try right after the next (when /endtalk fails on site use reboot client) back to the same temrinal on same station during god knwos what lag load and that to me clearly states that the terminals are just unstable this has started to affect me right after the 1st or 2nd latest patch of thsi year! mkay? k :) if i decided to play a days worth of enb and just run jobs the temrinal windows lock up maybe 20 times on me its just not playable like that. I get that mixed with the usual gate crashes it ruins my day quickly or fustrates me hard to find any fun when u have server issues liek that. Which where not even appeared to me last year. How i know its a global problem is because other players mention it quit often too they usual log off on purpose to avoide using drastic measures thats sad in my oppinon. :(

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