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RD Faction and Feathers problems with the game.

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I will not spend 30 minutes reading long posts, nor will the current drop rate of the Feather change at this time.  I am sorry you cant get 4 raids in per day due to the drop rate of the Feather, and as for faction - build a toon that does nothing more than kill RD'S

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We have a problem and the problem is the rd faction and Sharim faction, and the ability to dock at Jove's and various other issues.
As one of the 2 largest guilds in the game were finding it increasingly difficult to play the content of the game.
We can't raid without feathers and the people trying to get the feathers are losing to much faction for the rewards.
We have people that are getting to the point where they cannot dock at Jove's and it's very difficult to get your Sharim trader faction.
You have the rd base raid in the game but anyone that helps kill it gets a 10,000 point faction hit what does it do to sharim faction?
I realize you guys are trying to force us to make a choice.
But do you not think that this is a problem?

Not really, no. Its an intentional force of choice. Any game with faction has such things, and you have to decide if its worth it to you to try to chase down the gear offered or if you'd rather side with another faction. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Here is the problem people are using up 10,000 + rd faction and not getting a feather.
In EA live the feathers could drop off of any RD in any sector.
You are forcing people that want to play to sit idle because they can't afford the faction and no easy way to get them back.

Sorry, we were not aware that we were incapacitating your ship and leaving you completely and totally unable to play by simply making you choose. It was our oversight in not realizing that the player base was quite that indecisive.

I'm am guessing you guys are wanting us to play but the way it's setup all the hunters and builders can do is blow all of there faction to gain access to the fish raids.
Is this how it's intended to be play?

I should think the answer to this is obvious, since the mechanic is there to force you to lose faction on the base kill and losing faction via killing Red Dragon. Although I admit some factions have less ways to gain than others, that doesn't mean there won't be ways and you're simply being impatient.

People are getting ready to do something else because they can't raid and your healer killing settings is making the healers want to quit playing?

Is this a question? It looks like a statement. Either way, our "healer killing settings" are a balance issue caused by abnormally high dps and shields on raid mobs because the calculation wasn't meant to have an ELEVENTY BILLION SHIELDZorz as an input, sue us. ;)

Is this working as intended?

Not entirely, but not for the reason you appear to want to call attention to. 
No, but if you want to go, then you go. We do what we can as we can, and if all the player base leaves we'll simply release the code we have and call it a day. The whole "I'll take my bat and ball and go home" argument has little effect or interest for us, sorry.

Is this working as intended?

Wait, is what working as intended? Us driving off players? If so, that isn't intended, but it is most certainly blown out of proportions given the unique IPs we record daily. ;)

I'd like to work with the Dev's and the Gm's to correct the problem before people that are playing quit from boredom.
I know that is not what is intended..
I would like to solve this before it becomes a problem worse this.
Is the mining and field nerfing for rd faction and hulks working as intended?
Is it really working as intended?

Again, I must admit some confusion, you're not being clear about what you're saying isn't working. I see nothing here but a complaint about the drop rate of an item for a raid, and no real suggestions on how to fix it. What mining and field nerfing are you referring to? Could you provide perhaps some examples, details, or thoughts on what's actually broken instead of just repeating something about working as intended?

You guys are driving off the players because you have stuck them in a box.
You can't turn around without running into working as intended problems.
Can we get together maybe in a sunday meeting and speak with you about the problems before it's to late to bring back the ones that quit?
We made such a good start but now it's getting like it was in the middle of st4 when people quit from not having much to do.

This sort of thing happens in every game, why should it be different in this one? Also, this game is quite obviously a work in progress and we're not a AAA studio. Were you expecting WoW? You are welcome to address your problems through your duly elected advocate like everyone else, but I can tell you that not providing thoughts about solutions isn't going to get you anywhere. Complaining because you don't like the drop rate might as well fall on deaf ears for us, and I imagine just about any advocate because when they bring problems to a meeting we ask them for details, if they can't provide those we can't address their issue(s).

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On the issue of the Fishbowl, it's not mandatory for all players to get the lure and the feather, so they can always agree to join someone else's raid, for a shot at the loot. Is it intended that the Fishbowl drop enough loot, from a successful raid, that the person who got the lure can reserve 2 or 3 items, and the remaining players needed to complete the raid get a useful piece of equipment for their efforts, as it was in EnB Origins?  If so that helps with this forced choice as long as there are people willing to farm for the feathers.   The free for all Job terminals, where you can fix Sharim faction, even if locked out of Sharim stations helps there, as do the Mah-jongg tiles.  Please don't remove those things in the future as it will mean fewer fishbowls.


As long as enough players see it that way, that they're willing to lose large amounts of RD faction, to start raids, then this will work.  (Person with lure gets two to three items from successful raid, remaining loot lottoed off betwen those who do the raid, with enough to go around, when the expected number of players are used to complete the raid)


Right now; however, I don't think that the current forced choice between the RD and Chavez works, maybe it will in the future as more Chavez content comes into the game.  I'm willing to wait & see what the Chavez get, but I think my point in my previous post on the issue stands if the Chavez don't get some nice benefits for siding with them over the Dragons.  If one choice is clearly better than the other, the vast majority of players will go with the better choice, as soon as it's clear which choice is better.

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And in the event that the choice is unclear because some items are good on both sides, what then? :)

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And in the event that the choice is unclear because some items are good on both sides, what then? :)


That's the best possible outcome, as far as absolute choices are concerned.  In such a case, people have reason to really think before making the choice, and there's good reason to pick either side.   If there's to be a hard choice, this is what I think should be the case.  For softer choices, like being in a fishbowl, vs being the trigger person, I think it's a fair trade, in that I'll gladly be limited to one lottoed item, to keep my RD faction, vs being able to reserve 2 or 3 loot drops.  Others will differ, and want the reserved choice,  I hope those players continue to exist.'


I think most choices should be softer choices, but I have no problem with a few hard choices if either choice has equally desirable rewards, even though in terms of content/items, the rewards are different.


Edit for clarification:  Hard choices, meaning absolute choices, where if you pick one you cannot have the other, soft choices where having one makes the other more difficult to obtain.

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