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Mission Log Empty

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Character: Zinluuhrae


Jenquai Explorer


4 CL

21 EL

6 TL

31 OL


Docked at Jove's, talked to Masaaki and got the projectile mission.  Equipped projectile and undocked. Noticed on the way to the gate the mission log was completely empty. 


Missions at the time were:


Hull Upgrade mission:  "When you reach level 30, talk to Councillor Uj'eda etc."


Gathering Resources for the.. I can't remember the name, had to collect 20 caesium, 20 polonium, 45 raw bloodstone.  It's for some Jenquai Drone research.


The aforementioned Projectile Mission from Masaaki Rosanjin.


I gated to Saturn, docked at Net-7 and relogged.  Thought that might bring em back but it didn't.


Thanks for all you guys' hard work.





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this bug is really annoying.....hmmm, anyway:

Log in, grab some "dummy" mission from any NPC you like (best would be a forfeitable mission).

Undock, all other missions should be back.

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Thank you, Zackman.  Worked like a charm!  All missions are back now.

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