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Multiple Monitors

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I have been playing quite happily on my laptop with Win7 64bit, ATI Radeon graphics, 2 accounts in windows mode. All great

I have gone onto my desktop pc, also Win7 64bit, ATI 5770.. the 2 accounts still works fine.

However the plan was to have one account, or a 3rd/4th account on the 2nd monitor.. but whenever the client is moved to that screen, there is no way to press any buttons or progress anywhere. On the log in screen, the password box is highlighted by default, so can type there, but cant click the user box, quit or enter game

Had a quick look through past posts and nothing stuck out

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[quote name='shadrel' timestamp='1349977343' post='64224']
Have you disabled the mouse lock?

Yeah, had that problem initially where I couldnt move outside the confines of the window.. enabled that and can now have multiple instance on the first screen

But still cant use any mouse clicks on the 2nd screen

have looked through really old threads and a few people have mentioned but no solution :(
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I have this same issue. Windows 7 x64 with Mouse lock disabled and all EXE files set to run as administrator with Windows XP SP2. It appears the client it only looking for mouse click events on the primary monitor. Steering and hotkeys all work fine but trying to click any button (inventory, gating, menus, etc) just causes the tooltip to blink and nothing happens. If you move the window back to the primary monitor, you can click normally again.
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did you click in the game window in the second monitor, i find that when i switch screens and instances of the game i have to click on the screen on either monitor
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Has anyone been able to successfully run a client on both a main and secondary monitor without an issue related to clicking buttons? If so, can you please post what operating system you have and any modifications made to your client?
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I have fixed it on mine, not sure if it will work for others, its a bit weird

My monitors are set so Screen 1 is on the left and Screen 2 is on the right, but because Screen 2 is the bigger and better monitor, I had that set as the main monitor in Windows

When I set the left screen to be the main monitor, E&B worked on both with mouse clicks
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Works for me too.


Not too sure how Windows manages it's monitors, but it sounds like the primary display will have the origin at the top left corner, so all monitors to the left will have negative coordinates.  I'm guessing the mouse listener in game can't handle negative coords.  This should be an easy fix, I assume!  Just need to persuade a dev to look for it.


EDIT:  Bug is also reproduced when the secondary monitor is above the primary, but works when it is below.  This confirms it is to do with negative coordinates.

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