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  1. I have fixed it on mine, not sure if it will work for others, its a bit weird My monitors are set so Screen 1 is on the left and Screen 2 is on the right, but because Screen 2 is the bigger and better monitor, I had that set as the main monitor in Windows When I set the left screen to be the main monitor, E&B worked on both with mouse clicks
  2. [quote name='shadrel' timestamp='1349977343' post='64224'] Have you disabled the mouse lock? [/quote] Yeah, had that problem initially where I couldnt move outside the confines of the window.. enabled that and can now have multiple instance on the first screen But still cant use any mouse clicks on the 2nd screen have looked through really old threads and a few people have mentioned but no solution
  3. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1349949384' post='64208'] My Uber TE150 ! [/quote] Agree with this one, I had a nice setup on my TE and my JE for wh'ing about
  4. Nevermind, looks like i missed vital bits of noob training
  5. Not sure if I have missed something, but I am unable to pick up the started WH skill from the contact in Dahin As the skill text says.. "See Dr Tobias Mats at Tokai Saikutsu in Dahin Planet, Capella, upon reaching level 15" My JE (Dulari) is level 16, but all he gets from Tobias is an attempt at a corny joke, with single answer replies that lead to him leaving the conversation Also had a similar issue with Stephanie Baird on ECS Dauntless when trying to get Rally for my TE
  6. I have been playing quite happily on my laptop with Win7 64bit, ATI Radeon graphics, 2 accounts in windows mode. All great I have gone onto my desktop pc, also Win7 64bit, ATI 5770.. the 2 accounts still works fine. However the plan was to have one account, or a 3rd/4th account on the 2nd monitor.. but whenever the client is moved to that screen, there is no way to press any buttons or progress anywhere. On the log in screen, the password box is highlighted by default, so can type there, but cant click the user box, quit or enter game Had a quick look through past posts and nothing stuck out Thanks
  7. Spent a bit of time playing last night and this morning, cant believe the experience is exactly as it was back in the day, yet the graphics scale pretty well with current hardware. Loving having widescreen windows side by side that are higher resolution than what I had on pc 10 years ago. Currently playing the classes I played back in live, TE and JE... its like a fresh game playing again, my poor family
  8. Very excited to give this another go, have a lot of fond memories. Was my first MMO I played shortly after my son was born. Stuck at work doing the read ups and getting all hyped up about getting home and downloading it, been checking some of the maps and a couple of questions has arisen from looking around... .. At what stage in the original E&B's development has the emulator encompassed? ie, is all the content that was released in live in this version? (except the stupid drops of high end stuff near the end) .. I notice a couple of systems that I dont recognise... could be old age, but also makes me ask has there been additions to the game in its current form? Many thanks, and hope to be flying alongside soon
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