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Huge Problem Encountered With Lvl 75 Jd Hull Upgrade

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ok when i talked to ze'ev afizi, he tells me to talk to uje'da then talk to him again, i talk to him and i instantly get my hull upgrade, and my mission doesn't update, so i talk to uje'da and i get the upgrade in mission progress. Therefore, i logged out and logged back in to get the wep slot and i noticed i lost all my credits, skill points and progress in my combat lvl bar. Nasty bug.

Btw this is the lvl 75 jenquai defender hull upgrade. Edited by Darkdronen
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I cant do anything about the xp bars, but i have already given you your skill points back already, i cant give back the credits at this time I have no way to verify the amounts to give back the same for the xp and the 75 is ok it ends at step 5
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Zackman told me in game that its fixed pending a push to live.

I really hope they get this in really really soon here, because no one can upgrade til they do.

They should restart and push the moment they read this actually =D
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