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Where Do I Start The Mission For Ballistic Sniper?

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Looked all over and no one seems to know. Any help would be appreciated

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India, I think she's on Margesi, if not there try the station in Adriel Prime.

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Administrator Luzzine grants the mission for the Ballistic Sniper.
(This NPC is in the home starter station of the TS.)
When I tried it I was allready L150 (as CL50 is required simple because the Missle Launcher is L9).

The mission itself is a 4-steps mission involving getting:[list]
[*]2x Athurian Plastic (10 Grail Water)
[*]2x Erebusite (10x Raw Erebusite)
[*]2x Thothium (10x Raw Thothium)
[*]2x Trosekium (10x Troseki)
[*]1x Warlock Want MT L9 (people appearently got them of drone in BBW)
[*]1x Warlock Summoner L9 (on sale in Paramis Station)
[*]1 Senson-Reflective Plating (BBW Drone 41-45)
[*]1x Chocolate (on sale at Sommerled Stataion)
Basically not a very difficult mission unless you neglected to mine your ores.
At the end it will cost you an addition 1.6 mil to get it.

The Missle Launcher give a boost in scan-range (7500) but it also give 50% extra signature.
So in my case my signature went form 1.6 to 3.0-ish.

The Missle Launcher comes with 2 Impact Samples so you better not fail twice on your ammo-maker.

(Frankly I will most likely never use it though as I like my signature to be as low as possible on my TS.) Edited by TheLostDissiple

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