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Je/jd Lvl30 Bonus Mission

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I found this (editing it as i go along) , will need checking :)

The level 30 promotion mission for Jenquai Walkthrough

JE/JD/JT get the same promotion mission at level 30.
Find the Inspirations of Elias Ben Joseph, the jenquai founder.

First to start the mission, go to your class leader at Jove's Fury.
Councillor UJa'da for JD's.(I think its the same for all Jenquai ?)

UJada sends you off to help out Loremaster Daiki-ya. Daiki-ya is in
Tokai Saikutsu on Dahin planet. You need to bring a 'gift' to Daiki-ya,
which in this case will be journals you need to pick up at Fenris Observatory.
Yes, this is halfway across the galaxy. For a JE this is a couple of easy
Wh's. For JD/JT this is a long run... Find a je buddy to wh you.

Once you get back to Tokai Sukutsu with the Aragoth Revelations you picked up by
docking at Fenris Observatory, talk to Daiki-Ya (she's in the lounge).Offer to help with her research. She tells you got go
search the wreckage hulks around Jove City.

You need to visit/scan ALL of the following hulks to get the first part
of the Journal:
Pax Barbarus 212.00,19.00,050
Icotus Maru 225.18,27.00,0.50
Remalis Maru 185.00,35.00,-0.10
Pax Terminus 166.00,40.00,-2.23
Pax Atrox 176.92,9.24,-2.23
Pentine Maru 186.18,-5.30,0.10
Serus Maru 157.07,15.73,-0.80
Pax Acerbus 203.89,7.00,0.00
Pax Crudelis 175.00,50.00,0.00

After you have scanned them all, go back to Daiki Ya again.

She sends you off to Glorys Orbit to learn about Dog Soldiers, talk to Curator Whitley in the station .

Curator whitley tells you the Progen Dog Soldiers escaped to Aragoth sector, specifically Ragnarok sector. Go to Traders fort.

Talk to Tarnish McHollis
he tells you to go to clear up the trade routes. You get a sub-mission
to defeat 6 (5?) Rogues in Ragnarok. You may find the Rogues ( cl 5)  just north of Traders Fort 

Kill the 6 priates, talk to Tarnish. He gives you some sob story about being
saved by some of the Dog soldiers, and wants you to tell the Jenquarum the
progen are not ALL bad.
He tells you to go talk to the red dragons about another data cube. You
get a mission to talk to Red dragon negotiation vessel in ABB.

Go to RD Research Vessel. It is in Asteroid Belt Beta, 12k ESE of nav Lower
Saturn 3 beltway 3, at -45.27,-62.82. It is surrounded by CL 10 red dragons,
so unless you are peaceful to them, you will want to cloak your way in there.
Chat with them, they'll want 10,000 credits for the cube. Leave, return to
Dahin planet, go to Tokai Sukutsu and talk to Daiki-Ya again.

Daiki tells you the 4th inspiration has been broken into parts. First part
is with Monty DuChampe aboard F7. Monty is in the main lobby of F7. He asks
whatDaiki-Ya's greatest fear is, but all the answers are correct. Return to
Daiki with the fragment...

Daiki sends you next off to visit Master Jhola at Yasuragi on Swooping Eagle

So off to Swooping Eagle planet you go. Helps to hitch a WH to the SE sector.
Land on the planet, talk to Jhola -- he is in the main room. He spews some
Jenquai philosophy stuff and sends you offf to go find the rest fo the
First go to the meditation shrine... It is at -7.57,20.50,8.90. (just pop outside the station you should see it)
Meditate there (by more or less placing yourself inside the glowing light and sit still ) and the fragment gets dropped on your ship. Then return to Daiki-ya again ( aren't you glad you can WH if you are a JE?).
Daiki-ya gives you a directions on how to build a device to assemble the
final fragments. Also she tells you there are additional fragments at Zweihander. There is a cleaning robot (Sam) under Jagerstadt city, at -11.06,-9.72,2.37.
Talk to him and he asks for spare parts. Buy a crate of spare parts from
Holden Maxweller, the trade goods vendor in the Jagerstad's Bazaar. Leave
the city, talk to Sam, he is happy for the parts. He gives you the fragment
of the Inspiration. Now you have to return to Dahin. AGAIN. (Via a satellite in Kailaasa near Dahin Gate then go through the gate and talk to the satellite on Dahin side of gate ) Go talk to Daiki ya again . You will then have to defeat one of the
Cenovar Gladiators (35k west from station , go to the 'Fallen Moon Fragment' nav Combat level 13). Bring a well armed group
mate. A lone well armed Defender could take one of them out. Once you have
defeated the gladiator, you get the final fragment and a device called 'Novices Ward' . You now need to go back to
base and talk to Daiki-Ya . Build the Datacube Restoration Device (comps available at station ) and then the Fourth Inspiration and
talk to Daiki-Ya. You will get 40000 trade , explore and combat xp and a new reactor ( Source of Inspiration ).
Mission over , wasn't that fun ? :)

Editing as i go along ...............So if someone see's a mistake please post it .

Edited by Prrekoorb
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Unless it has changed since early ST4, the JT also gets this mission, and is the same for her as the other two Jenquai classes.

You should also get the Novice's Ward for doing this mission. IIRC it should appear in your hold when you defeat the Cenovar gladiator. The Gladiator can be taken out by a JE or JT as well, with the right tactics & equipment solo. All Jenquai big enough to do the L30 promo, can also use L3 devices. The Coma & Chimaera start at L3. Same is true for the Manticore, but only the JT can use the Manticore. You may need to kill some mobs in sector first if you want to try solo with a JE/JT to raise your CL.

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