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Quick Faction Guide

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- Updated faction map for the current state of the Emulator

- The faction killed drops at a 2:1 ratio compared to the other factions it changes.
- Killing your own faction overides the normal adjustments, trading your faction for Red Dragon faction at a 1:1 ratio, but no other factions change.
- Group faction currently does not work, only the first person to damage the mob, in the group that gets the kill, will get the faction gain/loss.

- Mordana faction is implemented, but not shown on the faction panel, currently impractical to determine adjustments to Mordana faction.
[s] - Have been unable to locate any Hyperia factioned mobs, currently unable to see how killing them affects other factions.[/s] Found some L0 Target of Opportunity Hyperian, perfect for testing purposes.
[s] - Unknown faction is only affected by v'rix jobs atm.[/s] V'rix jobs removed from game atm.
- The two Moto factions, Progen Combine and Terran Alliance, are exclusive to each other and do not affect any other factions.
- Added Terran Psi faction, sneaky psi's don't even spawn within sector boundaries, had to use a Telescopium and a few tricks to get them.

- The ?????? faction doesn't match any from live, and may just be a bugged mob - L8 Red Dragon Freighter's in Primus.

- Current Minimum faction needed to use a gate/station: -1999
- Mob Targeting Color: Green > +2000 > Yellow > -499 > Red

Faction adjustment by MobLevel:
L0-L10: +/- 1
L11-L60: +/- 3 to 13, formula:(Level+5)/5, rounded down
L63: +/- 15
L65: +/- 25
L66: +/- 50

Faction adjustment by JobLevel:
L50: +5
L75: +7
L105: +10
L135: +12
L150: +15 Edited by will
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Something needs to be available to kill to raise Renegade Progen faction, or is it intended to only be raised with jobs? Might be interesting to have a Ren Progen NPC somewhere that gives some missions.

Killing Shinwa should raise Mordana, but right now there's no way to tell if that's in.

Edit: thank you devs for not making the negative adjustments as harsh as live.

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