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I am not 100% certain because as of yet I am not doing much with Jenquai, but I think the Maeltroms are not in the game. If this quest is working you may just have to go to where the Maelstrom would be. It is far in the north east section of Swooping Eagle. Around or past the Typotl Maw nav. [url="http://www.enbmaps.de/index.php?map=SE"]This map will be of assistance to you.[/url]
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It's not a Jenquai mission, its the sequel from Net-7 at Saturn. Helping the news reporters with infos about the Red Dragons in Aragoth Prime.
I've been looking around the Ship you mentioned, but so far i didnt get a mission update :unsure: Edited by Naproxen
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[quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1302132436' post='38438']
Pretty sure you won't get an update, there are placeholders out where the maelstrom is supposed to be, but none of them are "navs" yet.

about 4 or 5 navs(inacticve) with a blue ship ? I've been there and nope, No update :P
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