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[quote name='LPCA' timestamp='1302146964' post='38458']
what else i don't like in EMU?
- too easy
- buggy
- lacking content

all 3 are fixable.

Ironicly enough Byakhee is doing his best to address #1 and how he goes about it is why this thread is here. Personally I like the missions, it's what I spend alot of my time on the Emu working on. The other two issues are under constant effort by the entire staff.

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from a server point of view Byahkee's missions are useful test beds. Because he uses most of the different mission types in various ways it's a good way of stressing the mission handling code.

Better to find and iron out all the problems now than to have them rear their heads later on.

Now if only these connection issues were as easy to fix :P

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