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A Manes' Tale

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A recent joint Sabine/Hyperia (a registered mark of GETCo, all rights reserved) research project on Manes in the Lagarto Sector has turned up some rather interesting results.

It would seem that Manes possess a rudimentary intelligence, as well as a herd instinct. These plasma-bound energy beings show evidence of storing their thought data through their essences, often collected by Sabine Reclaimers for (censored by order of: Magister Magna Optima Verita) and programming (censored by order of: Magister Magna Optima Verita).

One of the recordings translated by the reliable exploration crews of the GETCo Hyperia Project provides us with a glimpse into the last thoughts of an extremely aged and powerful Manes, given a combat danger rating of Level 66 on the SolSec scale:

Grumpy... intruders stealing my food

Taking my shiny rocks and gas clouds, how rude!

Puny, tiny shells of metal smashed my bubbles

Rude food stealers make ... angry ... rage ... trouble!

CrushSmashBlast Jennnnpies yummy

BlastCrashSmush with Terran gravy

Bubbles bursted by Progen fury

I hurt... my kindred, my spawn...

Bubbles bursting... fading.

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Dig it. +1 to post goodness.

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I can never point my MLs at a mane without their poem echoing in my mind - fading...fading...

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