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still cant log in to my old accounts


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Hi - I've just tried resetting my in-game account password, the dialogue says it'll send me an email (the confirmation popup has the right email address) but the email never arrives. Junk, Spam folders checked, not in Unread emails, logged in to webmail in case local email client was being silly, just not there.  Is that function working at present?

p.s. I did the usual dumb thing of trying more than once...oh well.


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I can also change the Game Password using My GMTools  but the first step is for you to try using the Password change routine on the NEt-7 pages first,  For the GM's to change your game Password Please go to the Net-7 .org page and select WebHelp menu selection for the top menu bar then select Ingame issues (GMSupport)  and fill out the information  please provide your Account names and avatar names for verification  with out these I can not help you.  you will receive a reply back from the GM ticket system  with your new Temporary password, First log in to the game all of the way to your avatar being in game  verify hi by moving around first , then log out and go to the Nent-7 page under your account and change the password this time in old password use the temporary password and change the password on your account,  You wont need a second verifying email doing this routine  

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I was waiting for a response from you if the password change routine on the net-7 page worked or not,  and was also waiting for a GM Help Ticket requesting a passowrd change on the same account


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