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GUIDELINES for re installing game

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is there an instruction guide for reinstalling the game on a new PC ( new MOBO and CPU ) 


tried the old way and things dont work lol.


Also nothing to download on net 7 yet  ( i know we had issues so not complaining ) have a copy of E&B client and Net 7 so just need a refresh on how to get it running pls 

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Although as mentioned above you cannot currently login/play, you can get the installations ready for when patching can take place.


You said you have both the client and Net7 installers already, so you can install both, just not update the Net7 launcher to get most recent needed files.


So assuming you have done nothing so far, follow the below.


Stage 1 - Run the client installation package (the big 1GB-ish package)

  • Click [YES] on the first prompt



  • Installer will begin



  • At this point simply press [OK]. Your web browser will open up to try to direct you to Fileplanet, simply close the browser.



  • File extraction will now take place for the installation



  • Regular style installation will now take place, pressing [NEXT] to set any directory options (recommend leaving default).



  • Recommend not placing desktop shortcut as it will never be needed



Stage 2 - This will be the Net7 installer package you also said you had to hand. Run this executable and follow any prompts. It will eventually ask you whether or not you wish to update the client, at this point press [YES]. It will then update the client a good amount (but not the required amount) for you.


When the installation has completed of Net7 you should see a new icon on desktop for it. Leave this for now as game server is locked for players as of writing this.


Stage 3 - Now you need to set any graphical options for the client. The config tool will not run without some additional compatibility settings though, so navigate to the game folder where it installed (if default client installer options set, then: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG). Look for an executable called E&BConfig.exe, looks like the below.




Right click this and select [PROPERTIES], then from within select the tab called [COMPATIBILITY] and set the following options:




Finally simply [APPLY] these settings, then you can load the program up to set screen resolution etc.


The final stages of this process is to actually load into the game via the Net7 icon on your desktop, but make sure you set your local ip to be accurate, and select the check boxes as shown below.




When server is operational you should be able to login after all this, but the Net7 client will patch a few things too.


If you are still stuck feel free to direct message me, or reply here.




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I am returning after a long time away, real life sucks, and when I try to long in with a new install I get "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt".  I did not get any errors on the install.  Is there something I am not aware of?



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4 hours ago, Stormdancer said:

my monitor is 3440x1440, will the game run at that resolution?


It will, but probably not like you'd expect / want.  :)  This is an old game which is fixed at a 4:3 aspect ratio and was not designed to vary from that at all.  If you use one of the config applications:

Program Files/EA GAMES/Earth & Beyond/EBCONFIG/E&BConfig.exe


Program Files/EA GAMES/Earth & Beyond/EBCONFIG/net7config.exe

(I recommend the latter)


you can set it to 3440x1440, but it will be horribly stretched.  I think most people play the game windowed at a fixed 4:3 aspect ratio (both for multi-boxing which is extremely common, and because of this issue).


I did discover that the game has FOV settings in the various cam*.ini files under:

Program Files/EA GAMES/Earth & Beyond/Data/client/output

but I have not yet experimented with changing those, nor do I know what the numbers of each correspond to; I was guessing characters, but that doesn't seem to be a 1:1 correlation.

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