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Installed, but now what? (mini guide)

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Hi Everybody!


I have noticed as of late there are repeat questions popping up that have (usually) simple solutions, so i have decided to compile a bit of a mini guide with some troubleshooting at the bottom section to hopefully aid those who might be struggling to get into the game. I understand that for many veterans this whole post might seem a waste of time, but if it can help at least one person out, then i will be happy 😀


I have written the below with the assumption that majority of people know how to open properties on a file, and general navigation within file explorer/Windows.


I will also keep adding to this topic should there be something new crop up, or something that i have missed. Feel free to contribute too if there is something else not listed.


The jump point for this guide is that you have done the following:

  1. Installed the game client
  2. Installed the Net7 installer
  3. Registered not only a forum account, but a game account via the Net7 portal





You’ve installed both the client and the patch, but what settings need changing/configuring for everything to work as expected?


Set compatibility for the LaunchNet7.exe as the following:



Set compatibility for the configuration tool (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG) as the following:



Now launch the configuration tool to set desired screen resolution and modes:




Running the launcher for first time

First launch will download any update files, and might reload itself between updates depending on current patch level. When it has completed this process, you will want your launcher to look as follows:



  • Make sure the client is pointing to the correct directory and file. If everything was installed to default location, it will match the above in the picture – If non-default location installed then locate the client.exe file

  • Make sure all 4 option boxes are checked

  • Make sure the local IP setting is your actual local IP



Woo I am in the game! But everything looks blurry and low resolution?

At the top of the screen, click the following:



Now change to desired options, or for majority of people the following settings are perfect:


 Note: you do not need to adjust gamma control unless absolutely necessary.





Issue: I load into the client but get INV-300 when attempting to log in

Possible solution/s:

  1. You might have local cert checked on the launcher, uncheck it
  2. There could be a certificate error on server side, which as a temporary solution can be gotten around by making an internet properties adjustment by unchecking the highlighted line below, but better for system security to simply wait for the back-end fix:




Issue: I am in the game but gating and transitioning between areas stalls out on galaxy map

Possible solution/s:

  1. Check to see if all 4 boxes are checked on the launcher, specifically the prototype reorder.
  2. Is you local network wireless? - Although this seems like a small thing, it can make a big difference in this game. If at all possible run E&B Emu on a wired connection.
  3. Try the use of [/packetopt on] command. This is a 'shot in the dark' solution, some have had better success than others.
  4. If a VPN user, have you tried with/without using it?


Issue: Server failed to respond to login attempt when clicking [Play] button

Possible solution/s:

Check your local IP address on the launchpad is your actual IP for your local machine


Issue: How do i move a client window around when set to windowed mode?

Possible solution/s:

Move your mouse cursor to the task bar where the client is running and let it aero-peek. Now right click the peek window and select move, like shown below.



You can also use [ALT+SPACE] to trigger this menu to pop top left of client window, like below:




Issue: I have multiple monitors but when i move a client window to the left of the main screen, i cannot interact with it.

Possible solution/s:

There is no real solution that i am aware of as this has to do with negative screen coordinates, in which a secondary monitor when configured to the left of the main one has this. For most people having the secondary monitor to the right of the main works better.

*If there is a solution that works perfectly for this, please let me know in replies!




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