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Absolutely unacceptable.

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I transferred 2 characters to a newly made game account yesterday and then deleted the old account. The web-portal confirmed that there were no characters on the old account, prompted me if I was sure I wanted to delete the old account, and then, after I confirmed that I wanted to delete the old account, DELETED THE NEW ACCOUNT WITH BOTH OF MY CHARACTERS ON IT.


The GM response to this was that everything was deleted off the server. "I'm sorry for your loss" was the ticket resolution.


Is the only deletion check for an entire account handled solely in the interface? Did you seriously not build in a check on your server to verify that no characters were on an account before it was deleted? This is software engineering 101, guys. Never trust the interface.


The GM response is unacceptable, even though I know there is nothing they can do about it.  I would like the devs to get involved. I'm hoping that the characters are still in the data structures but have been orphaned from the new account they were on. Hopefully the web portal hasn't been programmed to pro-actively delete characters as well.


"I'm sorry for your loss" is not an acceptable answer to losing hours of play-time to a poorly coded interface.

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every time you delete an avatar or account you must answer yes to the are you sure you want to delete? this is done when you press delete yes,  Are you sure you want to delete?  so you pressed yes twice to delete, then it is deleted from the server.


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Posted (edited)

That is incorrect. There is no option on the web portal to delete a game account when it has characters on it. It is replaced by text stating that there are still characters on the account and to either move or delete them. I switched to the empty account (Mergatroid6), clicked the button, clicked the confirmation, and it deleted the new account with the characters on it (mmte).


[Deleted by Mergatroid] Woodstock, I apologize for what I had written here before. It was uncalled for. I recognize that you give your free time to helping with this project and don't deserve grief when you help.


Still patiently awaiting a dev response.

Edited by Mergatroid
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Thanks for report. Sorry for all the issues it caused.


I believe GM's were able to restore access to your ingame characters already.


It seems that there was an issue where, at a time of deletion, checking if avatars existed or not was not done.


I have now added that check and this should not happen anymore.

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