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Im going to have a rant about breath of life shooting star 8 component...


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hey guys, hope the title grabbed your attention.


I am undoubtedly frustrated about the BOL, Modis child continues to be an issue, and 1 person, who shall remain un named was stating that he hordes the BoL when he can. (this isnt the 1st person whos said this, another person was beaming when they told me they had in excess of 100 BoL and he now no longer plays)


So could I make a couple of suggestions?


1stly make the component manufacturable, like the comps for the 7 shooting star, heart of fire/ice stone etc. Would negate the need to camp Modis child.

2ndly if you cant do the above, a dev was suggesting that they were going to make modis child player specific kills/ Please do, so we can make reactors for people.

3rdly If you cant do number 1 or number 2, can you make them unique, so people can still camp modi,(for reasons unknown to me) but have a limited amount available to store on alts.


Kind regards



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Hi Tulkas


Camping of this particular mob has been an ongoing thing for a long time now, i agree. But there is a sense of achievement when you finally get to kill it, however it is frustrating when somebody has the spawn locked down to the point where nobody else can.


Your suggestions are interesting and i think they have all been talked about before amongst people i know that play/used to play.


1. This would need a lot of thinking and work to implement in such a way that the mobs that drop the required comps to manufacture are not camped out like the child is.

2. This is probably the most feasible route of change, given that it could be tied to a mission.

3. How would you change players who have hoarded this item already, as you cant just take all but one away from them. But yes it would still be a locked down spawn anyway.


On a side note though, I've never understood why this reactor is so desired. Tang's Vigor is so much better for overall power, and the other buffs the Shooting Star gives are usually achieved with other items that are easily player made and exceed the reactor's buff anyway. Then again I'm not here to tell anyone how to play or have fun, so I will leave the decision up to you and others ?.



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Changing the item is no solution to the problem -> mule toons at gate, dropping of yadda yadda - thousand ways to overcome such limitations.

The remaining part is an unnessecary "harrasment", a "burden" for the casual looter/crafter.


Since camping might violate the TOS, report such toons to the GM ingame or via PM, we will take action against such players and warn them.

If the player will violate the TOS again, we will ban the account.

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