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E and B config launch not working

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      I got a new Win 10 computer, have the game and net 7 installed.   The config launcher does not work. the game is in the in up in the upper left hand corner.


      It will not auto detect? what now?

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Navigate to the ENB game folder on your hard drive,  then go to the EnbConfig sub folder  the find the EnbConfig executable , right click and select properties then set to run as admin and also the compatibility run the checker and take the selection for compatibility,  if you want to run full screen uncheck run as windowed on the EnB config when you run it,  make sure you run the resolution test and select the screen resolution that fits your viewing pleasure. also ,Make a shortcut  the config program on your desktop.


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Just to visualize what Woodstock has typed out, your compatibility options for the configuration tool should be as follows:




If you have installed everything with default paths, this executable is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG - right click it and select properties.



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