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  1. Hi, I got a new Win 10 computer, have the game and net 7 installed. The config launcher does not work. the game is in the in up in the upper left hand corner. It will not auto detect? what now?
  2. How can the demo touch base with something that is not there anymore? I've tried over and over,its not going to work,see first post in this thread. That happens every time. Hopefully the CD demo will bypass all of this foolishness.
  3. Yea its game over for me unless the demo CD I have coming in the mail works. I usually use AVAST secure browser,but I did try it with Firefox,its the same story. The file requires it to touch base with fileplanet. There is no way to ignore that. Avast flags the download as well as its not secure. It reccomends that I don't download it at all.
  4. Hi Yeti, The file eandbdemo.exe will not run,there is no way to install it . See first post.
  5. Hi, Did you have any problem with the downloaded eandb_demo.exe file? I have in game experience but the dowloaded eandb_demo.exe is crap,I'm waiting for the demo cd in the mail,hope that works.
  6. Window box message before running the program, Before installing E and B.demo,you will Need to retrieve your free product key. Upon clicking Ok you get this- http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/eandb.aspx Application not found. Then the installation stops. My question,why is a worthless file provided? As the installation instruction's assume that you can use it to install the demo. How has anyone used this file to install the game?
  7. I am happy to inform you that I just bought an old copy of the Earth and Beyond demo CD on ebay! Now maybe I can do something.
  8. Net 7 is installed ,when I run it its looking for the Earth and Beyond directory,however,I cannot install the game as the exe file to do that wont work. Its looking for a file at fileplanet and its not able to find it. So there is no way to actually install the game so net 7 can find it. What a shame,cheers
  9. Hi, I downloaded the earth and beyond demo.exe but it will not install,its looking for a product key from file planet. What now.
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