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Terran Explorer Lvl 10 Hull Upgrade Bugged

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I am stuck on the lvl 10 Hull upgrade quest.  I have completed the quest up to the point where you go to the yeager shipyard and speak to Zebenio Sefu.  When I approach and get within 1 meter, I get neither the “message” up on the toolbar beside the emote tab nor do I get the “speak to” bubble above the navigation window.  I have relogged completely, dropped the mission amd reset my mission queue.  Wjat am i doing wrong?  I am stuck snd would appreciate any help.  Thank you!

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Have you completed all of your skill acquisition missions? You usually need to have finished all your other missions in the starting sector before completing your HU mission

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8 hours ago, Sadare said:

I finally got it.  A nice dev named woodstock helped me.  Ty for the reply :)


I am not a DEV, I am the HGM (Head Game Master)  helping the players is what HGM Does  

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