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Issue with Agrippa - Stage III Encryption

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My PP (Hildyth) is on the Progen Token Bonus: PHALANX mission.


The mission requires me to have a Stage III Encryption and a couple of level 9 components.


I understand that you have to get the Stage III Encryption from Architecti Composita. He is supposed to offer these in trade for 10 Security Optimal Override Alpha devices. I have those in my hold but he is only offering the Stage II Encryptions?


I also think I may have a broken Agrippa shield chain as I can't progress that chain. It may be part of the reason why Composita is not offering me the stage III?

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Pre-req Mission requirements:   Progen Token Bonus: Completing Stage I - II Devices       Mission rewardStage III Encryptions  


Needs To be completed in order got him to give you the Stage 3 encryptions  From Architecti Vasi,  you may have to complete other pre-req missions in order to get the mission from Vasi


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This confused me as well, and I don't think its listed anywhere on the wiki, but I could only get the Stage III Encryption by using my PS. I could be wrong, but it appears that PP can get the Stage II Encryptions but PS need to get the Stage III Encryptions. The Encryptions are NOT components....they are labeled as Other.


NOTE: If any PP is able to get Stage III Encryptions please provide that information.

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