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missions and jobs

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Jrichards covered the missions well  he is correct about the massive number of mission.  

most stations have job terminals but there are a few that do not have jobs assigned to them,  the terminal have jobs based on your overall level,  50, 75, 105, 135, 150,  these jobs are not available at every station for example one station is 150 level jobs  two stations have the 135 level jobs  several stations have the 75 and some have the level 50 jobs,  you can not do any jobs unless your overall level is within 15 levels of teh lowest level job,  for example for the level 50 you have to be at least level 35,  for the 135  you have to be at least 105,  the 150  at least 135,


stations with out jobs all beginning sector stations,   there are 30 stations that may have a terminal but no jobs assigned to them,  you are probably at one of those station,  refer to the wiki  jobs terminal page for further info.

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