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Double XP Events

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Nope. Such events are for selling increased leveling 'perks' as a way to pull in additional money with zero content. The ENB Emulator does not do this. There is a donation page available to support the cost of the game.


There are a very large number of ways to increase xp gains. Ask in the New Player channel and the community will give assistance but here are some basics:

1) Player Made (PM) gear will increase your leveling speed by 50% or more. Usually leveling gear is made for free. Worst case you may need to provide components for the items you want built. If unsure what the best item, per level/class, just ask.

2) Group with others: Touring can quickly gain Explore xp for Explore Level (EL), higher levels mobs grant more xp and they are killed more easily in a group for faster Combat xp for Combat Level (CL), Wormhole's (WH) can make trade runs/missions go much faster for more Trade xp for Trade Level (TL). Just ask.

3) Multi-box. Same as grouping with others.....but its just you. ūüėĀ

4) There is the Net-7.org website that contains a large amount of information that can be helpful. This includes class planners, a database,  and a wiki (player maintained and has a lot of helpful information. Make sure to login or you will not have access to all that www.Net-7.org has to offer.

5) The community is really quite amazing....if you have questions, need help, or just want to hang out this is the EMU for you.

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Literally everything you do in game does give some sort of XP. with the exception of killing way below your combat level, or power leveling someone who is way to low in combat compared to a high level player,  and also mining level one items on a maxed prospect  level player.  if you hit every Nav in the game right now,  a bout 3 to 4 hours of work  you can get up to explore level 25.  if you take groups on tour  you can get them up to 25 and also increase your explore up at the same time,  not recommended to take a low level explore avatar as tour leader,  but it probably could be done by an experienced player who knows where all of the hazards are and what they are.  



IN order to do double exp events  the server would have to be restarted both before and after the event to reset the exp counters. which would take a server dev to log in and restart  then do the same again when the event is over  as we are a world wide game and almost every player and dev are spread out around the world it would take major planning to find dates and times available to restart outside of the regularly scheduled restart on Tuesdays (for me its currently around 4am that this takes place pacific time). 


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