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  1. Does the Emulator have Double XP events?
  2. hello fellow enb'rs, i have been gone a looooong time i played on quite a few versions of test servers and was there when we broke the code. last time i left they had just reset the servers added a few new sectors and finished out the new professions. how has it been going? how is the community? we have a solid core of players? anyways i'm looking forward to playing again. enb was my very first mmo really missed it.
  3. i went in and reinstalled the fonts, downloaded new fonts still not working. anyone know a workaround or a fix for this?
  4. Defiant


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydspjbi62Kw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWM5IKWfok0
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    Im reminded of robot chicken wars when darth vader alters the deal and gives han solo a unicycle.
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    ""Shakes fist"" somebody order a knuckle sandwhich cause im about to make a delivery! See dont need lightsabers.
  8. Defiant


    I always thought negotiate live was a good asset to toons like traders but i always felt like it was lacking something. One of the things i thought would be cool would to actually negotiate instead of having a default price increase/decrease. I suggest being able to sell items at a price you desire to set and actually have a system that uses your skill level and rolls to see if you could succesfully negotiated that price. Much similar to the crafting success checks and even critical sucesses in negotiation for even more profits. It can even be used when purchasing items. I would suggest keeping the current purchase/sale rates but have an option to enter aggressive negotiations w/o lightsabers.
  9. High end bosses like that is open to whoever gets the loot rights imo. My only problem is how those loot rights are obtained. The method i think is kinda messed up i shot keui station five times and it was awarded to me while builders did 99% of the job. I should not have been awarded the loot. Of course i turned the corpse over to them knowing it was a glitch in the system. Overall its not kill stealing on high end loot dropping mobs its like what others have been saying its competition. But if im out competing for your minion spawns i believe that to be ks'ing.
  10. where is the image link? cheeseburger doesn't post the image link anywhere that i can find.
  11. ***don't know why it wont' post as an image....
  12. Win more people to the lord this year than last year.
  13. Okay I understand what had to be done. in the spirit of making things rare lets take the BBW/BBG/Fishbowl raids and make them harder and increase the spawn timers on them more current to live so the high end loot will be something that is more rare. that the current rate high end gear is "Very Common" gear. In fact they're so common people aren't wanting them anymore because they're all geared out with all the high end stuff. A lot of stuff is left floating in corpses. i've seen a lot of smiters/fury gear spaced in the bowl because nobody could use them. in live these were high end auction items that happened with the effort of many groups of players. It was supposed to be that if you had some of this high end gear it was to say look what i have worked hard for. Question if you apply all these suggestions would you remove all the easily obtained gear from peoples inventories? i'll finish with a quote from kyp. Hexer is correct, they should have been rare enough (aa's) so that each time someone picks them up they are bragging rights to everyone else. They are supposed to be exceptionally rare, that's why most of them have such great buffs.
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