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Is there a "move to target" type of command similar to Follow but for non-mob targets?

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I've just gotten started in the game, switching between two characters to try different styles: a combat character and an explorer. Due to some unfortunate personal physical limitations, I like to play one-handed (left) if at all possible, using a Logitech G13 keypad, which I've become quite adept at using over the years. It's super easy to configure without ever needing to change in-game keybindings 99% of the time.


With the combat character this is quite easy, as the Follow command lets me move easily from target to target without needing to use my mouse at all. Putting the contextual target selection on the keypad, with a convenient Follow key, makes this a dream. Target, Follow, Attack, repeat, all left-handed. Then target and jump to the station when needed, with only a minimum of mouse needed to select the dock command and then interact with NPCs.


But for the explorer I'm not finding this as easy to do, mainly when doing things like mining. What I seem unable to find is a way to auto-move to a non-character target such as an asteroid. Looks like the Follow key only works on non-stationary targets. Is there a method to do this that I am not seeing? If so that would be AMAZING and make my play a bit less uncomfortable, but if not it's not the end of the world.


Thanks again for the awesome work, I am loving this game ❤️

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You can use the targeting keys to target the next or previous ore/gas. You can also bind a key to engage warp. You can use the follow key (F by default) to change the ship position to the new target then use forward to move to it. Check the control options and rebind as needed.

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