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Looking for some assistance sleuthing a weird game-launch Master connection issue

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Hey folks, new member of the game here. I'm trying a bunch of different options here to get the game client to work with the Steam Overlay - this is because I use a Steam Controller for almost everything and I want to try and get it working here as well. I have almost got it working now, except for one tricky problem. When I add the game's client to Steam as a non-Steam game, it launches and all seems good, right up until character selection. I select my character, login, and then it hangs on the map. Here's the log:


LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:Fetching EA.Com ticket.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:EA.Com ticket fetched.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:Got the avatar list packet.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:58:Avatar 0 selected.  Ticket request sent.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:59:Got the global ticket: 0
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:59:Connecting to master server....
HANDOFF:ERR: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Master connection FAILED.
HANDOFF:WRN: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Master connection died!  About to reconnect....
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Connecting to master server....


When I launch the game from the LaunchNet7 launcher instead, it makes it into the game without issue:


LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:36:Fetching EA.Com ticket.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:37:EA.Com ticket fetched.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:37:Got the avatar list packet.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:44:Avatar 0 selected.  Ticket request sent.
LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Got the global ticket: 0
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Connecting to master server....
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Master connection successful....
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:46:Redirect packet received.
HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:46:Client type set to 0


Problem here is that when using the LN7 launcher, I can't get the overlay to work. But when launching the client directly, while the overlay works, the game won't connect. This is the same regardless of whether I do it through Steam or by going directly to the release dir and launching the exe manually.


What I'm working here is are there any additional client launch parameters that I should pass to the client exe when accessing it directly? The hook I'm using for Steam lets me add command options, what else is needed for the client to successfully execute the master connection?



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27 minutes ago, Woodstock DGM said:

we are not steam friendly,  since our Emulator predates steam.




I can definitely appreciate that, especially given how many more recent games are also not Steam-friendly. But even much older games than this can get working under the Steam overlay with a bit of command-line fiddling and third-party overlay tools like GLOSC and such. It's kind of a fun little challenge to make them work, even 😁


In this case, mention of Steam is a red herring really. The blocking issue isn't anything to do with Steam, and stems from launching the client.exe directly. Even with Steam turned off entirely, launching the client directly gets same "Master connection FAILED" error. So I'm wondering if there is a way to launch the client.exe while also passing it the server address and handshake info that would normally be done with the LN7 launcher.





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UPDATE: Woo-hoo, I figured it out! Heck yeah. Using GLOSC as the insertion layer, it required using the Net7Proxy.exe binary as the executable instead of the client.exe, and pasting in the command arguments as found in launch.bat. The results are a perfectly functional game client with a full steam controller overlay. Huzzah.

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The biggest problem with bypassing the net-7 launcher is updates. While not common they do occur. This would cause problems when connecting to the server without the proper updates. Now if you could run a check, for updates, and generate an exit message when an update is detected then you would have a nice little addition.

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