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Duplicated and lost items when logging out/in.

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I tried to submit a ticket on this but not sure if it went through.  On my Avasarala toon I have had several times, over the last week, where equipped gear and gear in hold was duplicated while other gear was gone from my ship. The last few times the gear was just L6 devices, easy to replace, but when I logged in today I was missing my Polar Express engine and my Unicorn reactor. My Foedius reactor was duplicated, as was my  Haley DDO engine (all 200% player made and easy to replace). When I re-logged, hoping to have my engine pop back into place, it did not. I had this happened a few months back and after speaking with a GM they replaced the two items that had disappeared but they mentioned that there was no information in the log showing anything.


I know a few people mentioned they have had similar issues. Just wondering if the 'devs' are aware that this is occurring.

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Happened again. Submitted a ticket but I am not receiving a ticket number. Does that only occur via email?


Duplicated: L8 Seal of the Dragon device, L7 Ivory Ward device, L9 Shooting Star Reactor.

Lost: L8 200% Unicorn II Stallion reactor, L8 200% Lazarus device and L8 200% Road Runner Plus device.


I swapped these items, to travel, and then the game froze. I closed the client and logged back. When I checked hold and ship I noticed the issue.

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