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Net 7 Launcher Not updating

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No matter how many times I click reset updates or check for updates, my launcher remains at v 1.9.9. I just downloaded this game last week and have not been able to play much because the gate crashing bug. I was told launcher v 2.2.0 has some new checkboxes that are supposed to reduce the gate crash but I cannot get the launcher to update to the new one.

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this authlogin.dll is actually an EnB error not the Launcher,  it means that you need to have the net -7 launcher update the EnB client and files 

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On 11/12/2021 at 5:40 PM, SpacerJay said:

That seems to have fixed the issue. The launcher has updated to v2.2.0. However, after uninstalling and reinstalling I am getting another error. I've downloaded the EnB Client Patch but that didn't seem to help.



Try reset updates on launcher. If EnB is installed in program files, then you also must run launcher as admin.

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