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Dark Matter weapons, grav link, and the EMU?

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I know the Dark Matter Cannon lists its ammo as impact, the Launcher as explosive, and the Beam as energy (just like live). I seem to recall that these dark matter weapons also ignored mob resists to these 'damage types'. So if a mob was resistant to impact the DM sludge (from the PL) didn't care. It did full damage and then gained a large bonus if the mob was debuffed to impact.  Does it work that way in the EMU or are these weapons just kind of bleh now? Also wasn't the dark matter ammo level 9? Its shows in the database as level 8, which would nerf its damage even more.  Might be nice to buff these weapons to make them end game appropriate even for non-raiders.


Also wondered, and maybe I am just senile, but didn't a certain level of grav link debuff the target to impact? Might have been level 5 because both my PS and PW, in live, used impact and grav link a ton.  Once everyone had plasma debuff devices it pretty much stopped being used much. It was a reason to equip devices that improved the grav link skill.

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