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Woodstock should get some S'mores!

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After everything that Woodstock and all the Dev's and Staff have done for us all, I honestly think they need to get some well deserved S'mores.


In my book, S'mores is a good way of showing some Golden and hard earned gratitude for working tirelessly to bring some awesome things to people. Even though it's quite thankless and grueling and about makes one want to smash their computer, desk, chair and the world to bits and pieces something awful.


Thanks you all for everything that you have done, and for putting up with the woodwork like us and so on.

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I have to second this post and give it a bump. Every time I've run across a bug or issue with a mission, Woody has been top notch in helping me figure out if it is a bug or the nut holding the wheel. I'm pretty computer savvy to a point but everyone needs a hand once in awhile. Ran past his alt in Fenris last night, thought of shooting a quick howdy but held back figuring it's rare to see him taking the time to actually PLAY the game.


Anyway, to keep it short, thanks and a tip of the flight helmet!🙂


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