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Alt identification in in-game chat

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Maybe we could have a way to specify our "main" toon in the Net7 web portal, or maybe even type a custom (3?) letter tag that would output after our toon name in chat, much like the "[HGM]" etc tags. To help other identify toons with different names as the same person behind the keyboard. In case people don't want this, or don't want this on all their toons, it would make sense to me to make this an opt in/out for each toon much like the "public build lists" type toggles that we have.


For an example I have 3 toons; Dagron, Shortround and Goose. If I could specify that either Dagron is my main, or type a custom tag of "Dag" when any of those toons talks in in-game chat their name would display as:
Dagron [Dag]: Test message
Shortround [Dag]: Test message
Goose [Dag]: Test message



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I've imagined something like this as well! I think it would be a great feature for reducing abuse and improving trust in some scenarios. In my vision, it was a 'family name' where all of a person's characters tied to the same forum account would share a single name that would be presented as a last name in game. I was also imagining that the forum account/lastname could be used similar to Blizzard's battle.net id on the friends list and in some guild management commands. 


Nice idea.

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